Accuenergy: Metering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Metering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming more and more prevalent as EV usage increases and the acceptance for these vehicles as a valuable component of the auto industry grows.

EV charging stations can be found in private residences, dedicated charging stations and with growing regularity at small commercial buildings such as offices and condos. With home use the charging stations power consumption is added to the users utility bill, and some stand alone charging stations such as Tesla’s Supercharger are free, others offered by high-use commercial or residential buildings need to track usage and charge for the energy consumption required to refuel these electric vehicles.

The Growing Electric Vehicle Market

There are roughly 10,000 private EV charging stations in America and over 50,000 worldwide, a number that is consistently growing. Of this a number of residential and commercial buildings are offering EV charging stations and finding a specific need to monitor and track the energy consumption for cost allocation or billing. In these circumstances a revenue grade multifunction power meter is required to authenticate consumption and correctly allocate costs.

EV Metering Applications

Accuenergy offers a variety of solutions on both the AC and DC metering side with varying degrees of measurement dependant on the project goal.

AcuPanel 9100 Series for monitoring total energy consumed in electrical vehicle charging stations

Monitoring Total Energy Consumed

Basic kWh monitoring for those simply interested in an accumulated total of energy consumption for users aiming to determine what portion of the total energy usage is derived from the implemented EV chargers.

This application requires Accuenergy’s AcuPanel 9104X-KL meter which is a self-enclosed energy monitoring system that is simple and easy to use.

Acuvim II Series for Advanced AC Monitoring in vehicle charging stations

Advanced AC Monitoring

Advanced energy monitoring for those who prefer a deeper look into the energy consumption and patterns of usage. Using this solution allows for the option to remotely monitor via an Ethernet connection and enables a log of energy usage to be stored on the meter and extracted as a tool to generate reports, monitor consumption patterns such as when the highest demand occurs, and maintain a historical log.

This application requires the use of Acuvim IIR meters or Acuvim IIE for the inclusion of TOU or time-based tariff billing.

AcuDC 240 Series can act as a full monitoring solution in electric vehicle charging stations

Full Monitoring Solution

For EV stations that generate power via renewable energies such as wind and solar as either the sole or partial provider. This solution offers monitoring on both the AC and DC side with both units being able to create logs of historical data based on power and energy parameters for full historical monitoring of the production and consumption.

This application would require Acuvim IIR & AcuDC 243-D meters as well as an Ethernet module for remote communication.


Regardless of which solution best meets the applications goals, Accuenergy is able to support the further deployment of EV charging stations and adds a valuable tool to monitor the usage and effectiveness of these devices as they become more prevalent.