Acuvim II Meter
WiFi + Ethernet Module

AXM-WIFI Communication Module

AXM-WIFI provides a WiFi and an Ethernet connection to the Acuvim II Series power meter via Modbus-TCP/IP, HTTP Post, HTTPS Post, FTP, SMTP for e-mail and SNTP time synchronization.
  • Dual communication channel: WiFi and Ethernet
  • WiFi and Ethernet work simultaneously with different network
  • Industry-leading 100ms response rate via Modbus-TCP/IP protocol
  • Secure HTTPS data encryption to the cloud server
  • Metering data backup log to avoid data loss during network downtime
  • Two-tier user management system to provide efficient monitoring and access
  • Support common protocols Modbus-TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP & SNTP

Acuvim II WIFI + Ethernet Module

Connect Acuvim II Series power and energy meter to the AXM-WIFI module for WiFi and Ethernet capabilities.

Add AXM-WIFI to Acuvim II Power Meter
Give Acuvim II energy meter WiFi and Ethernet option with the AXM-WIFI communication module. Enables Modbus-TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTPS Post & SNTP communication.
Transmit Fast Encrypted Energy Data to Server
Protect sensitive data communication to only allow authorized access to owners and managers. with a response time of 100ms. Secure HTTPS data encryption safeguards your usage.
Cross-Platform Support For Various Devices
Access and monitor real-time data from power meters on the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

AXM-WIFI Features

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Class-Leading Security
Fully encrypted communication between customer and meter to ensure all energy consumption data are secured to user credentials. HTTPS encryption is the accepted protection standard for all web interface and main data transmission protocol HTTPS post.
Reliable Backup Data Logs
Prevent data outages from network downtime or any other possible communication issues. AXM-WIFI pushes data via HTTP post, HTTPS post, or FTP to your server or energy management system (EMS) server provider. Data are logged locally on the module until all data are successfully posted to the server to ensure data integrity.
Fast Modbus-TCP/IP Response Time: 100ms
AXM-WIFI module provides a fast communication protocol within 100ms that enables Acuvim II series multifunction power meter to make real-time updates to key parameters such as line and phase voltage, current and power readings via industry de-facto Modbus-TCP/IP.

Out-of-Box Two-Level User Control

Administration Level Management

Robust administrative settings that give you full control over how the application will be implemented within your project.

  1. Manage metering settings for voltage wiring, current wiring, real-time reading options and more.
  2. Configure communication for network, E-mail, SNTP, HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Post
  3. Reset data collection
  4. Get the latest firmware upgrades

User Level Monitoring

Easy accessible real-time data for energy managers to monitor and determine power and energy integrity across your project application without compromising unauthorized security.

Easy-To-Use Web Interface

24/7 Data Monitoring

Versatile and friendly Web Interface compatible with any browser client and mobile, desktop or tablet platform no matter where you are.

Time Sensitive

Monitor real-time power metering data and system performance to ensure critical decision-making are made in time crucial environments.

Energy Management

Use full reports to manage power (kW) and energy (kWh) metering usage, peak current (amp) & power (kW) demand cycles and power quality (harmonics) to provide the most efficient system.

Application Support

Professional and friendly support is available to guarantee your project is never compromised and on schedule.