Branch Circuit Monitoring

Branch circuits

Branch circuit metering or dense circuit metering is a form of metering multiple circuits together in close proximity. This is typically prevalent in switchboards and sub panels when the individual circuits need to be monitored for sub metering or isolated readings.

Application Overview

Branch circuit metering is used in HVAC applications or multiple user applications in which the individual circuits as opposed to the panel as a whole are monitored. This method allows for the segregation of multiple users, tenants, or devices with the convenience of using a single device while maintaining the integrity of each individuals measurement. As a cost–saving tool branch circuit metering simply replaces the use of multiple meters, but more than simply cost-saving this practice enables a granular look at power consumption with abilities that are unmatched by single circuit meters. This ability to isolate independent circuits ensure that in sub metering applications each user or tenant is being fairly and accurately charges, and in monitoring applications that the correct cost or consumption is allocated to each individual device.

Branch Circuit Metering Implementation

AcuRev 2100 Submeter
AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Submeter

The AcuRev 2100 series submeter allows users to monitor up to 18 single phase circuits with one hot leg and 6 three phase systems in one dynamic device and features two different current input options. The first utilizes the AcuCT 333mV output CTs and is ideal for retrofit projects, higher rated current applications and metering points that have several different current ratings. The second option features an internal CT allowing for the direct input of circuits with a rated current between 20-80A and is ideal for new designs with limited space.

Application Summary

After capturing the data from the individual circuits users can extrapolate this information for the use in reports, billing, and data management the same as with traditional meters. Using this metering method allows for efficient sub metering and monitoring within dense circuit panels that is both a cost-effective and detailed solution.