Acuvim IIBN BACnet Power Meter for Building Automation and Control

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BACnet Power Meter - Building Automation and Control

Acuvim IIBN BACnet Series

Acuvim IIBN energy meter has a built-in BACnet communication module specifically designed to monitor and collect real-time revenue-grade electrical data for building control and automation applications. The meter displays multiple energy parameters such as voltage, ampere, power factor, harmonic distortions, energy and demand data making it ideal for three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems to track energy consumption and trends.

  • Revenue Grade 0.2 class accuracy
  • Built-in BACnet-IP Protocol for integration with BAS and other monitoring and control systems
  • BTL Listed for Smart Sensor (B-SS) and BACnet Smart Actuator (B-SA)
  • Built-in mobile-friendly web server for real-time meter reading and configuration
  • Secure access to meter via HTTPs encrypted webpage

Acuvim IIBN Overview

Accuenergy’s Acuvim IIBN series are submetering devices designed to provide real-time, revenue grade electrical metering data for buildings control and automation applications. The meter provides virtually all power and energy parameters for monitoring for three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems.

Acuvim IIBN is designed to be flexible for gathering detailed energy consumption data in commercial, industrial, municipal, and retail environments.

The meters supports multiple current transformer (CT) options such as split-core CTs or flexible Rogowski Coils to monitor current on each phase, whether it’s 20A or 5,000A cable or buses.

Building and facility manager, building automation system operations are able to track power and energy consumption and trends accurately and efficiently with parameters such as voltage current, power factor, total harmonics distortions captured in addition to energy and demand data.

Acuvim IIBN Features

Acuvim II Power and Energy Meters offers customizable features for your application.

BACnet Certification

Acuvim IIBN is certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) to ensure standard compliance, reliability and interoperability across a wide range of system integration.

Revenue Grade Certification

ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 and IEC 62053-22 0.2s class revenue grade accuracy allows for revenue submetering applications such as billing and cost allocation.

Electrical System Support

Measures essential electrical system parameters in single element, two element and three element systems.

Supports all electrical system configurations from single phase to three phase.

No PT/VT Needed

Directly measures up to 400Vl-n 690Vl-l without potential transformers.

Secure Data Access

All data communication are encrypted and secured. The encryption ensures critical data is secured in communication between meter and user’s access.

Real-time Data

Over 100 parameters can be monitored in real-time from the display or accessed via a web interface on your laptop and mobile phone.

Acuvim II Series DIN Rail Mounting Adapter

Acuvim II Series DIN Rails adapter provide easy installation of panel-mount Acuvim II series meter on DIN rail in all models and IO options.

IP66/NEMA4XAdapter Protection Cover

The IP66/NEMA4X Protection Cover is designed for Acuvim II, Acuvim-L and all 96mm by 96mm display panel meters; it increases the IP environmental rating of a meter’s display to IP66 or NEMA 4X regardless of the original rating of display.

The IP66/NEMA4X Protection Cover prevents damage from dust, water, and other elements when paired with Acuvim II and L series meters they become an effective solution for high protection-required applications, such as outdoor panels.

Note: To use the display keys, easily remove the IP66/NEMA4X Protection Cover as the seal is made of durable – tight grip rubber. Simply push back in place when you’re done.

Current Transformers

Compatible with multiple flexible and split-core CT options.

Premium Flexible & Split-Core CT

Our premium CTs are available in press-open split core and flexible Rogowski coil styles. These CTs offer the highest accuracy and convenient installation.

Standard Split-Core Current Transformers

Our standard CTs are available in split core and hinged styles. These CTs feature a solid design at an affordable price.

Pre-Wired Panel Solutions

We will install, wire and test your power and energy meter for you.

AcuPanel 9100 Series

For a faster, easier installation, order your Acuvim II series power meter in a watertight NEMA-4 or corrosive resistance NEMA-4X rated panel enclosure which ships to you pre-wired and pre-configured by the factory.

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Acuvim II Series Applications

The Acuvim II is specially designed for these applications.