Energy Management Software

AcuCloud is a cloud-based facility metering platform that provides users access to data from Accuenergy or any other power meter. Integrated with advanced features to streamline energy data management, it provides quick access to metered data plus tools to analyze, import, and export data to other systems.


AcuCloud Login Screen

AcuCloud is an energy management platform that combines a feature-rich set of tools for monitoring and analysis with an efficient delivery of complex data in a user-friendly format. Designed for seamless integration with Accuenergy web-enabled devices or via the AcuLink 810 gateway for serial or third-party devices. AcuCloud is the complete solution for viewing, sharing, and analyzing energy data.

Pricing Plan

STEP 1: Choose an Organizational Tier

The organizational tier will determine the configuration of the dashboard, which analysis and reporting tools are available, and custom branding options.



Default Dashboard provides access to essential data
Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Use basic analytics tools for preliminary energy investigation
Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Reports
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • View reports for facility-wide consumption and meter deployment
    Select AcuCloud LITE Plan
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    AcuCloud LITE Plan Selected



    The customizable dashboard provides quick access to essential data and a wide range of metrics
    Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Access all analytics tools for in-depth energy investigation
    Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Annotations
  • Use the complete suite of advanced reporting tools
    Customize the AcuCloud experience by adding brand logos and colours
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Top Consuming Meter Points
  • Meter Point Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Meter Point Operations Analyzer
  • Meter Point Active Power & Weekdays Analysis
  • Select AcuCloud PLUS Plan
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    AcuCloud PLUS Plan Selected

    AcuCloud Custom
    Enterprise customers are invited to customize their AcuCloud experience by selecting a combination of features to suit any unique business requirement.


    Data sharing integration icon
    Data Sharing + Integration

    Successful energy management depends on the stable integration of energy data across platforms. AcuCloud makes it easy to forward all metered data to a 3rd party software system for analysis, reporting, billing, efficiency studies, or measurement & verification projects. Multiple data formats are supported.

    Data sharing history icon
    Data Storage + History

    Energy managers have access to energy data in unparalleled detail. AcuCloud stores the history for important energy parameters including per phase and system voltage, current, power, energy, power factor, demand, and pulse data in 5-minute intervals.

    Data analysis icon
    Powerful Data Analysis

    Enhance the value of metered data with analysis from sophisticated cloud-based software. Simple, yet powerful data analytics tools provide actionable insights for energy management through trend monitoring, project tracking, system control, and more.

    alert icon
    Convenient Alerts

    When energy usage reaches a threshold or if a meter goes offline, a timely alert can be critical to ongoing facility operations. AcuCloud offers configurable email alerts that are automatically triggered.

    reports icon
    Flexible Reporting

    Collaborate with colleagues on critical facility decisions: AcuCloud features a powerful sharing tool which allows data to be downloaded & emailed for insightful project coordination. Easily send reports or choose from a range of valuable, pre-configured dashboards to target key energy management metrics.

    Tariff analytics icon
    Tariff Analytics

    At a glance, see a 12-month overview of time-of-use consumption and allocation of energy usage during on-peak rate hours. Use the insight to shift consumption patterns to off-peak times to avoid tariffs and reduce monthly energy expenses.


    Utility Billing

    Utility billing software

    A critical component to successful tenant management, comprehensive utility billing ensures proper accounting for all building utilities and services. Avoid flat rate billing schemes that can result in under or over payment and instead accurately bill each tenant for their true consumption. Automatically generate professional-grade utility invoices that accommodate a range of special billing requirements, such as tariff rates, taxes, fees, and more.

    Metering Data

    Metering data collection

    Ideal for building managers and facilities engineers, AcuCloud's professional-grade data collection tools provide continuous monitoring of critical systems and historical data on past consumption trends. Gather essential baseline energy data to gain the upper hand on consumption for individual loads and the entire facility.

    Tenant Billing

    Tenant Billing software

    Designed for multi-tenant buildings with a single main master meter, AcuCloud can generate professional bills for building tenants based on accurate, automated metering data. An all-in-one billing solution for tenant submetering, building managers, and landlords, AcuCloud can provide tenants with verified bills to match their actual consumption using custom rate structure and provide tenants with account access.

    Energy Analysis &

    Energy analysis and reporting

    Go beyond basic data collection and use sophisticated analysis tools to pinpoint energy saving opportunities or verify progress on reduction initiatives. Take a deep dive into energy data to analyze underlying consumption patterns and fine-tune schedules to avoid demand charges. Create detailed energy reports that can be shared with colleagues and other stateholders.


    Do I need to enter a credit card to start a free account?

    No, you do not need to enter any payment details to start an AcuCloud LITE subscription that only uses the FREE Meter Point Tier. A credit card will only be required if you choose to upgrade to one of the paid Organizational or Meter tiers later.

    What happens at the end of my free trial?

    Unless you upgrade to AcuCloud PLUS and/or the DATA LOGGER or BILLING paid tier levels, your subscription will revert to the AcuCloud LITE Organizational Tier and the FREE Meter Point Tier for all devices tracked within the AcuCloud system. You may resubscribe to a paid tier at any time.

    Is there a limit to the number of meters I can connect to an AcuCloud account?

    There is no limit to the number of meters that can be added to an AcuCloud account. Every account type permits you to track an unlimited number of meter points.

    Is there a limit to the number of users I can add to an AcuCloud account?

    You may give an unlimited number of users access to your AcuCloud account.

    Can I connect 3rd party (non-Accuenergy) devices to AcuCloud?

    Yes! The AcuCloud platform supports third party electrical meters or other meter types using the AcuLink 810 as a gateway device. Contact technical support for instructions.

    If I sign up for a AcuCloud LITE account and the FREE Meter Point Tier, what's the process to upgrade to an AcuCloud PLUS account or the DATA LOGGER/BILLING Meter Point Tiers?

    It is simple to upgrade to a paid tier level. You may upgrade within the AcuCloud software directly or contact a member of our sales team to customize the platform for your needs.

    Can a single, multi-point instrument be subscribed at multiple Meter Point Tier levels simultaneously?

    A single, multi-circuit device may be subscribed at multiple Meter Point Tier levels depending on individual project requirements. For instance, a single AcuRev 2100 may have some metering points subscribed at the DATA LOGGER tier and other metering points subscribed at the BILLING tier.