DC Current Sensors

High accuracy DC current sensors is used to measure DC electrical currents through a conductor. These sensors are industrial grade and highly regarded due to it's cost-effectiveness and durability.

HAB-16555 product image.
CE Cert.
ROHS Cert.



Split-core DC current sensor with 0.5% accuracy. Available with one of five input ratings & either 4-20mA or 0-5AV output. Unidirectional & bidirectional models available. Non-invasive, split-core design can be easily integrated into existing installations.

HAK product image.
CE Cert.
ROHS Cert.


HAK Series

Split-core DC current sensor with 0.5% accuracy. Two sizes available with either 4-20mA or 0-5V rated output. Measure up to 1000A DC current (depending on model). Unidirectional & bidirectional models available. Compact split-core design facilitates fast, non-intrusive installation.

DC Shunt product image.


DC Shunt Series

DC current shunts with 0.5% accuracy. Seven available sizes & input ratings from 50A to 4000A (depending on model) each with a voltage drop of 75mV. High-precision resistor provides reliable measurements in any DC current system.

HV2 product image.


HV2 Series

Surface mount voltage sensor with 0.5% accuracy. Choose from 1000V, 1200V, or 1500V input rating to measure DC voltage across a wide frequency range. High immunity to interference maintains performance in harsh environments. Compatible with DC power meters.