Accuenergy (Canada) Inc.

Company Background

Formed in 1998 Accuenergy is a leading manufacturer of power and energy metering products for the distribution, monitoring, control & management of electrical energy and other dynamic processes. Accuenergy specializes in advanced research, design and production of multi-functional power meters, power quality analyzers, flexible current transformers, split-core CTs, network communication modules, cloud-based energy management systems and tenant billing solutions. With an emphasis on innovation, quality, performance and cost-effective solutions, Accuenergy has developed a growing global footprint with offices in Toronto Canada (Headquarter), Los Angeles and Beijing.

Core Competencies

Accuenergy vision is to pioneer sustainable, dependable and efficient energy usage by making energy management more convenient and intelligent. Accuenergy various power metering devices are engineered for its versatile options, product range and cost-effectiveness allowing users to manage how energy is distributed without ever sacrificing quality. Accuenergy products are easily integrated into new or existing energy management systems, automation facilities and building control systems for intelligent, user-friendly energy systems that are backed by our expert technical support and manufacturer warranty.

Areas We Serve

Accuenergy serves businesses across a variety of sectors including but not limited to: industrial, commercial, renewable energy, government, educational, communication and defense. Accuenergy products and solutions are deployed in large-scale energy management projects, public transportation expansion projects, factory control systems, customized switchgear, LEED projects, PUE projects, sub-metering and many more with a continued focus of the most efficient, economical and versatile energy solution for your applications.

Product Range

Accuenergy has an extensive product range that includes single and three phase multifunction power meters, multi-circuit meters, gateways and data acquisition servers, a variety of split core current transformers, UL listed CTs, Rogowski coil CTs, input/output and communication modules, converters, DC power meters, hall effect sensors, pre-wired panels, and data logging software.

Our technical and support staff are ready to provide information on our product line to fit your project requirement. Our expert team will provide advice every step of the way from decision making and installation, to post-purchase and project strategizing.

Moving Forward

Accuenergy continues to innovate new solutions, additions and extensions in the pursuit of exceeding market demand and to offer the best solutions for our customers. We listen carefully to feedback from partners, end-users, installers and market analysts and strive to offer a diverse, effective and comprehensive metering solution. R&D is a bedrock of the organization and is constantly working on new innovations, be sure to register for our newsletter and keep visiting our website to get up-to-date product announcements and company information as we continue to make energy usage more dependable and efficient, and to make energy management more convenient and intelligent.