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Power & Energy Meter Solutions

Accuenergy provides a trusted series of power meters for users that need to monitor high accuracy energy data. Discover why our products will help better manage and monitor your facility’s energy needs.

Monitor Real-Time Energy Usage

Accurately measure and verify individual tenant energy consumption. Manage a single building or cover multiple commercial & residential facilities in your portfolio.

Detect Power Quality Anomalies

Identify energy irregularities that can damage industrial equipment or sensitive computer servers. Set up alerts to notify when & where abnormal energy activities happen before system failure occurs.

Hit Energy Performance Targets

Discover energy inefficiencies in facility and industrial complexes. Measure energy waste from your HVAC, security, equipment and lighting systems. Schedule time-of-use for peak demand to reduce cost and meet energy performance targets.

Premium Current Transformers

AcuCT Flex Series Rogowski coils offer the most flexible form factor when measuring current from electrical circuits in residential, industrial and commercial metering applications. Its non-invasive design provides a solution for challenging spatial environments where traditional rigid solid-core CTs are not practical nor feasible.
AcuCT Series split-core current transformers superior hinged design provides a non-invasive, scalable solution for new and existing metering installations. It is built tough to survive harsh industrial conditions, while delivering revenue grade accuracy even for tenant billing.

Our line of Rogowski Integrator Kits (RIK) offer some of the most common output ratios to support your power meter. Each individual kit includes three flexible current transformers, an external battery pack and support for either 5A, 333mV, 4-20mA/0-20mA, or 0-5V/0-10V output ratio.

Energy Management & Billing Software

AcuCloud provides facility managers an easy solution to collect, store & analyze energy data reliably for  your entire building portfolio. Our cloud-based energy management software provides real-time & historical energy consumption data for analysis directly to your laptop or mobile device anywhere worldwide, plus much more:

  • Visual and tabular energy data analysis
  • Automatic alarm notifications
  • Create multiple energy profiles
  • Two-level user management access
AcuBilling is a comprehensive cloud-based billing software that accurately tracks any type of utility data from a single or series of buildings. Incorporate it into your existing metering system and get a free 6-month trial period.
  • Meter water, electricity, heating and more
  • Create electronic billing accounts for individual tenants
  • Time-of-use settings for on peak & off peak demand periods
  • Set custom rate structure and formulas
  • Universal metering compatibility

Communication Solutions

Accuenergy strives to make your power meter installation simple. We offer a wide selection of communication module plug-ins capable of scaling your project up or down.

Increase the number of digital, analog or relay I/O ports or add Wi-Fi support to your devices. Our modules provides the support you need to manage your power meter network configuration.

AcuLink 810 provides a server and gateway connecting metering and sensor devices together for energy managers to manage and collect energy data in a facility.

AcuMesh adds wireless communication to your RS485 devices to form a point to multi-point mesh network. It removes the bottleneck caused by traditional wired installation – users save from installation time & cost, improved network range and creates an easier facility to maintain.

Acuvim II, Acuvim L & AcuDC series of energy meters support additional I/O interface requirements for digital, analog and relay enabled systems.

Our modules are seamlessly designed to be mixed, matched or stacked together to help meet the different configuration needs of your existing installation.

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