Manage Your Bottom Line with Energy Monitoring

Crucial to understanding your overall energy expense, energy monitoring empowers users with the data they need to detect trends and isolate inefficiencies.

Energy Monitoring with Accuenergy

Energy monitoring is a crucial component of power monitoring; with the focus primarily on the monetary costs associated with consumption featuring critical facets to the bottom line such as:

  • Detecting Trends
  • Illuminating Inefficiencies
  • Projecting and Managing Demand
  • Initiative Verification
  • Protecting Critical Systems and Devices

Goals of Monitoring Energy Usage:

Capture the energy usage for an entire building, electrical panel, or individual devices. This can be used as verification against utility bills and initiatives, to better allocate resources, track consumption habits, and as an overall aid in decreasing energy costs.

Energy Monitoring Methods:

In order to effectively monitor energy you will need to first measure it; to do this the circuit, circuits, device, panel, or building must first be isolated. Once the area has been determined as your measurement point an effective energy meter such as the Acuvim II can be installed. Secondly you must determine how you wish to collect, read and display the data; this can be done via a PLC or SCADA system however in most energy monitoring applications an EMS program like AcuCloud (Energy Management System) is required to graphically depict the readings, trend historical data and generate reports.

The Benefits of Monitoring Energy Usage:

Effective energy monitoring allows users to capture energy consumption and trending data, accurately allocate and plan resources, locate energy cost savings, and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of critical systems.

Recommended Energy Monitor Solutions

ANSI C12.2 0.2s Class multifunction power and energy meter ideal for energy metering.Providing project flexibility via multiple communication and I/O expansion options as well as multiple input configurations to choose from. This multifunction meter can be used as an energy meter for those who may have expanding projects or are looking for more versatility from the device. This meter can be directly integrated with the AXM-NET module for Ethernet connectivity and the AXM-MESH module for wireless RS485 communication.

ANSI C12.2 Class 0.5s DIN-Mounted economical energy metering series, ideal for simple energy metering applications, the meter can be mounted directly on the DIN Rail and have the totalized energy read directly from the metering screen. The compact and simple design is great for residential use and makes taking control of your energy bills and managing your energy easy. The meter can be connected with the AcuMESH-K and AcuLink for remote integration with EMS systems like AcuWattEMS.

Communication and Software Tools

AcuMesh – The AcuMesh is an expansion module that can be connected directly to the back of an Acuvim II series meter enabling a wireless RS485 connection throughout the building.

AcuCloud – A cloud-based dashboard EMS system with graphical reporting, trend analysis, raw data, metrics, and customizable tariff information designed to detect energy saving opportunities, reduce energy and operational cost, and automate key analytics and reporting.

AcuLink 810 – An intelligent and flexible data acquisition server which is able to connect multiple devices via a wired RS485 connection, wireless RS485 Mesh connection, or via Ethernet and push the data out to a selected server or EMS system.