Metering Solar Energy Generation

Solar energy is the world's fastest growing energy source and the most readily available supply of renewable energy. This rapidly emerging energy source still only accounts for a fraction of the world's total energy consumption however this too is growing as more regions and countries adopt solar energy generation to refuel the grid. Power generation through this means needs to be quantified in order to assure that the correct credits are given and that incentives are met, the best way to do this is by monitoring the generation and the amount being distributed back into the grid.

monitoring of solar PVs is necessary on both the commercial and residential level, as companies fight to track ROI from green energy initiatives, estimate costs and monitor effectiveness while individual users of solar PVs look to authenticate results and track savings. In both levels similar solutions are required to ascertain these goals by measuring and recording the production and generation of their collective investments.

The Solar Solution

The Acuvim IIR meter and AcuDC 243 meter allow users the ability to accurately and effectively monitor the power generated from the solar panel PV in DC before it hits the inverter. AC energy is then sent back to the inverter after being sent to the grid delivering a two-pronged attack to manage this renewable investment.

AcuDC 243
AcuDC 243 - Renewable Energy DC Monitor

Accuenergy also offers complete monitoring solution for metering solar energy that generates power. This solution offers monitoring on the DC side with the unit being able to create historical data logs and record every energy parameters for full monitoring of the power production and consumption.

Acuvim II Series for Advanced AC Monitoring
Acuvim IIR - Revenue Grade Power Meter

The Acuvim IIR meter is able to monitor and record the energy sent from the inverter back into the grid with revenue grade accuracy. The measurement of this energy is the quintessential knowledge that tracks how much energy is being sent back to the grid, which directly results in the amount reduced from utility bills and the overall ROI on solar panel projects. Using the Acuvim IIR this information can be logged onto the meter and stored in its internal memory for multiple months at a time before being extracted onto a computer for historical records.

Application Summary

In order to get a complete picture of the solar energy generated, its effectiveness and to quantify the utility savings and overall ROI, comprehensive measurement is needed. By monitoring both the DC and AC side of the generation and re-distribution of this energy users are able to gain a comprehensive view and take control of their projects.

AcuDC 243 enables users to monitor the energy generated by the PV at its most organic state before ever hitting the inverter, these readings can be monitored as an accumulated total or stored on the meters internal memory. The Acuvim IIR is used to verify the credit attributed to the solar panels generation and measure the end production. The Acuvim IIR can log the historical information as well as the accumulated total and can also utilize the Ethernet modules capability to establish remote monitoring. Using these meters as a powerful pair assures generation is accurately measured and credits verified offering a comprehensive solar solution.