Current Transformers

How to Properly Install Current Transformers?

You’ve thoroughly researched submeters, current transformers, and communications options to determine the perfect equipment for your project. Next, it’s time to consider the current transformer installation process. Even if your project doesn’t rely on revenue grade accuracy to be successful, there are simple steps that you can take to ensure that current transformer installation goes smoothly and that you are maximizing performance. … Read More

What is a Rogowski Coil?

Named after German physicist Walter Rogowski, a Rogowski coil is a flexible current transformer that is used to measure alternating current (AC) in a variety of power monitoring applications. Like other types of current transformers, a Rogowski coil is … Read More

How to Select the Right Current Transformer for Your Application

If you have a power measurement project coming up, chances are you have narrowed down your search for a power meter to a few choices. Whether it’s a multi-circuit application or a high-precision metering in an industrial setting … Read More