Hawaii Energy Systems case study


Building Energy Management Case Study

Wireless Mesh Network Revitalizes Building Energy Management

Overcoming Data Collection Challenges with a Targeted Submetering Solution

When it comes to reclaiming energy costs in a high-rise condo, multi-tenant submetering is a must. But when old meters start sending faulty data, upgrading to a modern metering solution is crucial to getting tenant billing back on track. Find out how Hawaii Energy Systems harnessed the power of Accuenergy's mesh communication technology to deliver high-precision results to building managers and residents.

What’s Inside

  • Integrating networked submeters into existing building automation systems
  • Cutting installation time and money with fast, reliable wireless metering
  • Offsetting project costs with valuable utility rebates

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Accuenergy’s Mesh network submetering option works well with HES’s existing building automation system options, is straightforward to install, and is offered with a high level of remote technical support, which makes it easy for HES to use in future submetering projects.

- Huy Nguyen, Energy Division Manager, Hawaii Energy Systems

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Learn how Accuenergy delivers the ideal tenant submetering solution.