Energy Analysis
& Reporting

Engineered for building managers and facilities engineers, AcuCloud's professional-grade energy analysis and reporting tools are designed to provide actionable insights into the energy consumption of critical systems, individual loads, and entire facilities. Automatically generate powerful reports to share with stakeholders. With easy access to historical data and consumption patterns, insightful energy analysis is only a few clicks away.

AcuCloud’s Insightful Energy Analysis

Aggregate all data from multiple meter points automatically

Graphically display consumption information & create reports for individual meter points or entire facilities

Compare and contrast collected data with historical consumption information to gain insight into usage patterns

Correlate consumption with local temperature information

Quickly spot and annotate outliers or anomalies as part of a comprehensive energy management strategy

Analyze facility operating schedules to quickly identify improvement opportunities

Perform measurement & verification (M&V) analysis to determine energy savings at the component or system level (IPMVP Option B)

Data Analysis Features

Detailed Accumulative Energy Analysis

View the energy consumption for a given time frame or easily compare one time frame to another. Compare kWh consumption data against local temperature to accurately correlate energy usage and spot important trends, then export as an image for easy report creation or download as a CSV file to integrate into other datasets.

Heatmap Analysis

Use the powerful Heatmap tool to visualize periods of high or low consumption. The color gradient corresponds to energy consumption, making it easy to spot periods of high usage. Identify improvement opportunities and add annotations for a selected time period to add context to in-depth analysis.

Operation Schedule Analysis

Perform an analysis of a facility's operating schedule to determine whether operational changes can make a significant impact to the bottom line. Make adjustments to energy consumption and customize the kWh charges to uncover practical savings opportunities.

Custom Annotations

Keep track of important events, equipment upgrades, system updates, or other changes that impact energy consumption. Create detailed annotations to provide crucial insight into energy consumption patterns.

M&V Project Tracking

Create and track measurement and verification projects based on IPMVP Option B methodology—a retrofit isolation method designed to place emphasis on specific equipment or a system independent of the rest of the facility. The M&V tool helps to quantify energy savings estimates to understand comprehensive value of equipment or system upgrades.

Create Powerful Reports

Generate a variety of powerful reports to keep track of essential information, such as consumption trends, top consuming meter points, month-to-month comparisons, and more. Each report provides easy-to-interpret, comprehensive data designed to accelerate critical facility decisions and maximize energy savings. Automatically create and send reports via email to keep stakeholders informed.

Pricing Plan

AcuCloud meter point plans offer organizations the most versatile options available. Choose any plan combination to suit your installation requirement. Each plans offer an unlimited number of metering points to allow organizations to scale up projects at any time.

STEP 1: Choose an Organizational Tier

The organizational tier will determine the configuration of the dashboard, which analysis and reporting tools are available, and custom branding options.



Default Dashboard provides access to essential data
Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Use basic analytics tools for preliminary energy investigation
Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Reports
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • View reports for facility-wide consumption and meter deployment
    Select AcuCloud LITE Plan
    NEXT STEP: Add A Metering Point Option
    AcuCloud LITE Plan Selected



    The customizable dashboard provides quick access to essential data and a wide range of metrics
    Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Access all analytics tools for in-depth energy investigation
    Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Annotations
  • Use the complete suite of advanced reporting tools
    Customize the AcuCloud experience by adding brand logos and colours
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Top Consuming Meter Points
  • Meter Point Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Meter Point Operations Analyzer
  • Meter Point Active Power & Weekdays Analysis
  • Select AcuCloud PLUS Plan
    NEXT STEP: Add A Metering Point Option
    AcuCloud PLUS Plan Selected