Metering Data

AcuCloud's professional-grade metering data collection tools are designed to provide timely, thorough energy consumption data across all meter points throughout a facility. Metered energy data is aggregated into a single, centralized system from multiple devices for effective comparisons and easy sharing. Reliable, high-precision data is readily available for actionable analysis and informed decision making.

AcuCloud Data-Driven Energy Decisions

The metering data collection process is automated to eliminate time-consuming, manual meter reading

Energy consumption data is aggregated across all devices

Data is accessible from any Internet-connected device, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets or other data entry

Raw data can be exported or automatically forwarded to other systems

Collected energy data is ready for in-depth analysis and reporting

Real-time energy information provides timely insight into current system performance

Compatible with any meters from any manufacturer

Custom Data Export

Collected, raw energy data can be exported for manipulation or use in other energy management systems. Ideal for constructing reports in third-party database programs or other downstream applications, data export functionality is an essential utility for efficient data sharing and analysis.

Automatic Data Forwarding

Essential for cross-platform functionality, automatically forward a range of selected parameters from a single device or multiple devices to another server, such as FTP, HTTP, or HTTPs. Files can be forwarded as either CSV or JSON for straightforward data compatibility across a variety of system types.

Historical Data Import

Necessary for ensuring data continuity, the helpful data import function provides a simple way to import historical data into existing, physical devices. Quickly upload CSV files to a particular device to help fill in data gaps.

Easy Data Editing

Need to make a quick adjustment to metered data? AcuCloud makes it easy to make minor revisions to ensure data integrity without disrupting the entire data set.

Pricing Plan

Pricing plan AcuCloud meter point plans offer organizations the most versatile options available. choose any plan combination to suit your installation requirement. Each plans offer an unlimited number of metering points to allow organizations to scale up projects at any time.

STEP 1: Choose an Organizational Tier

The organizational tier will determine the configuration of the dashboard, which analysis and reporting tools are available, and custom branding options.



Default Dashboard provides access to essential data
Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Use basic analytics tools for preliminary energy investigation
Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Reports
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • View reports for facility-wide consumption and meter deployment
    Select AcuCloud LITE Plan
    NEXT STEP: Add A Metering Point Option
    AcuCloud LITE Plan Selected



    The customizable dashboard provides quick access to essential data and a wide range of metrics
    Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Access all analytics tools for in-depth energy investigation
    Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Annotations
  • Use the complete suite of advanced reporting tools
    Customize the AcuCloud experience by adding brand logos and colours
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Top Consuming Meter Points
  • Meter Point Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Meter Point Operations Analyzer
  • Meter Point Active Power & Weekdays Analysis
  • Select AcuCloud PLUS Plan
    NEXT STEP: Add A Metering Point Option
    AcuCloud PLUS Plan Selected