3 Phase Power & Energy Metering Solutions

Accuenergy three-phase meters provide a more accurate, efficient and versatile metering solution across all three phases.

Three-Phase Power Metering

Three-phase electrical power is a common method of power and distribution in which three conductors each carry AC current of the same frequency and amperage at a more economical and efficient rate than standard single-phase systems. These systems are predominantly used in applications in which more power is required. Metering 3 phase systems requires a 3 phase meter to monitor each of the individual hot legs; multifunction power meters such as the Acuvim II series are able to accurately monitor the power and energy in these circuits.

3 Phase Energy Solutions

Three-phase systems can be found as both 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase 3 wire configurations. Acuvim II series meters offer the flexibility to work in single-phase and three-phase applications and can take the input voltage of 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase delta systems up to 690Vac L-L directly without any additional hardware configurations. Additionally the AcuPanel pre-wired panel series can be customized to include the Acuvim II series meters working with single and three-phase applications; with a direct input and configuration tailored to your circuits’ requirements.

Recommended Three-Phase Metering Solutions

The next step in 3 phase metering is backed by months worth of historical data logging which can be stored on the meter and extracted for later analysis directly or remotely.

A highly specialized 3 phase meter with power quality tools such as waveform capture, event logging and more. The Acuvim IIW meter is ideal for granular 3 phase metering projects and applications.

The AcuPanel 9100 Series is a pre-wired and configured panel which allows users to create a plug n' play solution to work directly with their 3 phase metering application.

Three Phase Power Metering Applications

3 phase energy systems are typically found in industrial, commercial and institutional applications featuring a higher power demand or increased usage. Industrial three-phase applications benefit from the accuracy, efficiency, and versatility of the Acuvim II Series energy meters which can be adapted for multiple wiring configurations, and has the component flexibility to be integrated into a large array of projects and building plans.

Acuvim IIR power meters are commonly preferred in PUE (power usage effectiveness) applications, metering and recording the power efficiency of three-phase equipment in factories, data centers, automation plants and more. This effective meter monitors real time data and can log historical data for trending and analysis.

For more complex equipment protection and power quality studies the Acuvim IIW provides advanced 3 phase power metering that analyzes the individual voltage waveform, captures up to 100 groups of voltage and current waveforms and saves up to 50,000 power quality events.

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Benefits of 3 Phase Power Systems

  • Lower initial setup cost
  • More efficient use of materials (about 25% less for equal power delivered)
  • Larger system capabilities
  • Power is delivered constant
  • Smaller equipment size for equal ratings
  • Increased flexibility of configurations