What is Net Metering?

Available in many states across the United States, net metering is a billing mechanism used by power companies that allows customers with solar arrays to pay the “net,” or difference, in cost between what their solar system generates and the power they consume from the grid. Beneficial to both energy consumers and utilities alike, net metering has become an important incentive to encourage investment in solar energy systems. … Read More

What is Peak Shaving and Load Shifting?

No matter the type of industry or business, it’s normal for energy usage to fluctuate throughout the day. Building occupancy, equipment usage, and even the time of year can all contribute to the demand for energy. … Read More

Enlit Africa 2022

Bringing together leaders in the power, energy, and water industries from across Africa, Enlit Africa is scheduled to be held June 7-9, 2022, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in Cape Town, South Africa. … Read More

Benefits of Submetering Office Spaces

When thinking about submetering, images of large, industrial complexes or manufacturing facilities may come to mind. While it’s true that these places can benefit greatly from a comprehensive submetering program, the small or midsized office spaces … Read More

BUILDEX Vancouver 2022

Western Canada’s largest building industry event, BUILDEX Vancouver, is back in person for 2022 and scheduled for March 23-24 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West in Vancouver, BC. … Read More

AEE East Conference & Expo 2022

Targeted at energy professionals across commercial, industrial, institutional, and government sectors, the AEE East Conference and Expo will be held March 23 – 24, 2022 at the Duke Energy Convention Center. … Read More

Top Four Power Quality Issues

Although industrial electricity customers may be mostly concerned with the amount of energy they are consuming, there’s a secondary issue that also requires attention: power quality. In simple terms, power quality is the measure of how well the voltage, … Read More

What is a Cybersecurity?

Throughout the world, organizations heavily rely on digital technologies, such as computers, networks, and other hardware solutions to store, share, collect, and process data as part of conducting normal business operations. … Read More

What is a Rogowski Coil?

Named after German physicist Walter Rogowski, a Rogowski coil is a flexible current transformer that is used to measure alternating current (AC) in a variety of power monitoring applications. Like other types of current transformers, a Rogowski coil is … Read More

AC vs. DC Power

Direct current (DC) and Alternating current (AC) are common, elemental terms when learning about electrical systems or electronics, but what exactly do they mean? And which one is better?

Both DC and AC describe the flow of charged particles … Read More