Top 5 Reasons to Use a Rogowski Coil

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How to Configure CT Ratios for Acuvim II + AXM-WEB2 Energy Meter

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5 Things to Consider when Selecting an Energy Meter

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Advantages of a Multi-Circuit Submeter

Multi-circuit submeters are sophisticated instruments designed for easy deployment in high-density, multi-point applications. Suitable for multi-tenant energy management systems, multi-circuit submeters are well suited for commercial, industrial, and residential installations where simultaneous measurement across multiple circuits is required. From a … Read More

Electric Rail Vehicle Sets A New World Record for Efficiency

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How South Africa is Determined to be Energy Efficient

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Energy Efficiency Sector Outlook

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its latest report in mid-August highlighting the growth of energy efficiency in the United States as the third largest electricity generation resource for 2015. This of course is an encouraging sign for the … Read More

The Resurgence of DC Power Systems

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Commercial and Residential Tenant Submetering

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Designing Modern Intelligent Buildings

We have smart phones and smart cars, so it’s only appropriate to start having smart buildings. One sector that is pushing this forward are energy management systems (EMS) that help owners monitor and control their energy usage. The idea of … Read More