What is a Cybersecurity?

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What is a Rogowski Coil?

Named after German physicist Walter Rogowski, a Rogowski coil is a flexible current transformer that is used to measure alternating current (AC) in a variety of power monitoring applications. Like other types of current transformers, a Rogowski coil is … Read More

AC vs. DC Power

Direct current (DC) and Alternating current (AC) are common, elemental terms when learning about electrical systems or electronics, but what exactly do they mean? And which one is better?

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How to Select the Right Current Transformer for Your Application

If you have a power measurement project coming up, chances are you have narrowed down your search for a power meter to a few choices. Whether it’s a multi-circuit application or a high-precision metering in an industrial setting … Read More

How to Reset Energy for the Acuvim II & AXM-WEB2 Meter

The Acuvim II meter accumulates Active, Reactive, and Apparent energy values over time. Depending on your application, it can be helpful to reset these values periodically, which can be done using the web interface. To complete these steps … Read More

How to Update Module Firmware for Acuvim II & AXM-WEB2 Meter

Accuenergy releases periodic firmware updates to enhance device functionality or performance. When updated firmware is available, it is easy to use the web interface to install it on your device. To complete these steps, you will need an Acuvim II meter … Read More

How to Reset Peak Demand for the Acuvim II & AXM-WEB2

The Acuvim II meter stores the minimum and maximum values of many useful parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, and frequency with a time and a date stamp indicating when they were recorded. In addition, it also stores Active Power … Read More

How to Reboot the Comm. Module for Acuvim II & AXM-WEB2

Before Acuvim II setting updates can take effect, the communication module must be rebooted. If making changes to multiple settings, it can be helpful to postpone the reboot process until all the settings have been updated. The module can be reboot anytime using … Read More

How to Enable, Download Datalog for Acuvim II & AXM-WEB2

The AXM-WEB2 can automatically log data in its onboard memory. The module supports three loggers for different parameters and requirements. Selecting which parameters to log and downloading the data file itself can be accomplished using … Read More

How to Configure the Wiring Mode for Acuvim II & AXM-WEB2

The Acuvim II meter can be used on both Delta and Wye service types (single or three-phase), however the meter must be configured for the correct system type so that it can accurately measure and display metered values. Selecting the proper wiring configuration … Read More