The Battery Show Conference & Expo 2022

Electrification is the future, as our energy demand increases so too do our needs for new alternative energy supply. The Battery Show brings together engineers of all disciplines, as well as thought leaders and emerging businesses under a single forum to showcase the latest solutions.

Starting September 13 to 15 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, The Battery Show will be hosting exhibitors, conferences, and an open tech forum showcasing the latest technologies.

Networking opportunities will be available to all attendees looking to connect with the battery and EV/HEV communities. Talk to industry experts to gain valuable insight about incoming trends across North America. There will be formal and informal networking events held across the expo.

Conference topics at this year’s event will include:

  • Next Generation Battery Technologies
  • Battery Energy Storage in the Distributed Energy Network
  • US Battery Supply Chain Solutions for Global Competitiveness
  • Maximize Battery Data Utilization Through Your Software Workflow
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Accuenergy is a trusted global manufacturer exhibiting at The Battery Show. Our metering technology is often paired with energy battery storage systems for reliable and high precision revenue-grade performance. Our submeters come with broad industrial protocol interoperability designed to provide granular energy monitoring and data analysis. Learn more about our meters, current transformers, and other technology by visiting us in booth #1449.

Our featured products include:

  • Revenue-grade power & energy meters, multi-circuit submeters, and panel meters
  • Custom pre-wire and pre-configured UL 508a panel shop
  • Revenue-grade current transformers & Hall effect sensors
  • Data acquisition server and gateway (DAQ) solutions
  • Cloud-based energy management (EMS) and billing software
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