High Accuracy Electricity Meter

What is an Electricity Meter?

Electricity metering is the process of measuring the instantaneous voltage and current in order to calculate the consumed electric energy which is typically calibrated into billing units such as kilowatt hour (kWh). Electricity metering is a broad term which includes both AC and DC metering.

How To Meter Electricity

How you measure your electricity will be dependent primarily on what the application is, with a multifunction meter such as the Acuvim II series there are many versatile capabilities allowing for the most productive use. Conversely in specific applications such as renewable energy monitoring a more specialized tool such as the AcuDC 243 meter may be required, and in multi-tenant metering a multi-channel input meter such as the AcuRev 2020 would be most effective.

Recommended Electricity Metering Solutions

Multi-functional, power and energy meters available in a number of configurations offering features like: revenue grade accuracy, data logging, power quality, and more.

This economical series of power and energy sub meters offers a variety of configurations with features including: Time-of-use, Energy & Demand, and kWh metering.

Economical revenue-grade electricity metering in a compact DIN-rail mountable enclosure. The 1310 series offers multi-circuit metering allowing for multi-tenant or load specific monitoring.

Multi-Circuit electricity meter offering Time-of-Use functionality. Capable of monitoring the electrical consumption of multiple tenants via branch circuit setup.

Time-of-Use / Economy 10 Electricity Meters

Overview: These meters feature programmable time periods which energy use is to be calculated within; thus allowing for different pricing structures based on time of day; typically broken down into peak, off-peak and shoulder.

Application: Tenant Billing & Verification when time-of-use tariffs are in place.

Recommended Solutions:

Acuvim IIE: Multifunction versatile TOU meter with optional expansion modules such as analog output and Ethernet, includes internal data logging.

Acuvim-EL: Low-cost TOU metering when the meter can be tethered to a computer for tariff based logging.

AcuRev 2020: Multi-circuit TOU meter for measuring electrical consumption of multiple tenants via branch circuit setup.

Revenue Grade Electricity Meters for Billing

Overview: These meters have passed an accuracy certification declaring them suitable for billing and verification.

Application: Billing & Verification applications for residential, commercial, and industrial. Tenant billing/submetering

Recommended Solutions:

Acuvim IIR: Multifunction revenue grade power meter with on-board data logging.

Acuvim II: Multifunction revenue grade power meter.

AcuRev 1310: DIN-mount revenue grade energy meter.

Power Quality Electricity Meters

Overview: These meters feature more advance parameters for users looking to monitor parameters such as harmonics, unbalance, sag & swell and additional metrics.

Application: For advanced industrial power quality parameter monitoring.

Recommended Solutions:

Acuvim IIR: Versatile multifunction power meter with data logging for basic power quality measurements such as THD, harmonics and unbalance.

Acuvim IIW: Advanced multifunction power meter with waveform capture and event logging capabilities for more granular analysis.

Portable Electricity Meters

Overview: These mobile meters can be moved from circuit to circuit to give real-time readings for spot-checks.

Application: Energy audits and simple verification.

Recommended Solutions:

AcuPanel 9100 Series: Using Acuvim II meters, Rogowski coils and this self-enclosed panel is ideal for energy audits and other portable applications where a reliable meter is required for electricity metering and monitoring.

Energy Meters

Overview: These meters calculate the kWh being used by a particular circuit, and are most commonly used in billing applications.

Application: Energy audits, energy consumption monitoring, tenant billing.

Recommended Solutions:

Acuvim II: Multifunction power and energy meter.

Acuvim-KL: Low cost panel energy meter.

AcuRev 2010: Multi-Tenant meter for dense/branch circuit applications.

AcuRev 1310: DIN-Mounted economical energy metering series.

DC Electricity Meters

Overview: Power and energy meters that are specialized for use in DC circuits.

Application: Electrical Vehicle Charging, Renewable Energy Management, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), Light Rail & Subways.

Recommended Solutions:

AcuDC 243: Multifunction DC power and energy meter with optional data logging and other expansion modules.

Electricity Metering Applications

Electricity meters are used primarily in the following applications: