Press Release

Accuenergy Launches Acuvim 3 Series Power Quality Meter, IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Compliance

Accuenergy has successfully launched its Acuvim 3 Series power quality meter, IEC 61000-4-30 class a compliance. … Read More

Accuenergy Obtains ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 Certification

Accuenergy achieves ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certifications, demonstrating our commitment to Environmental Management and Occupational Health & Safety Standards. … Read More

Attune Announces Partnership with Accuenergy Power Monitoring Kit

As the need for healthy, energy-efficient buildings grows, a plug-and-play wireless energy monitoring kit will help optimize energy and validate the effectiveness of energy conservation initiatives. … Read More

AcuCT C CT Converter Banner

AcuCT C Measurement Canada Approved CT Converters

Accuenergy is proud to announce the AcuCT C has been issued Measurement Canada approval (Reference No. AE-2615) for device model – Instrument Transformer: Current by the Minister of Industry. … Read More

AcuCloud EMS Cloud-Based Platform Announcement

Accuenergy (Canada) Inc., a leading global innovator of energy measurement instruments and software, has announced that a significant update to its cloud-based AcuCloud Energy Management Software will be released in December 2021. … Read More

RIK 1AR Protection Relay Integrator Released

Engineered specifically for use with protection relays in electrical power systems, Accuenergy reveals the RIK-1AR Rogowski Integrator is now available to order. Whereas most protection relays rely on inconvenient or heavy rigid-body current sensors … Read More

Acuvim IIW Achieves IEC 61850 Compliance Certification

Accuenergy is proud to announce that the Acuvim IIW meter with AXM-WEB2 communication module has been certified to meet IEC 61850 (Edition 2) by DNV-GL, a 3rd party testing laboratory. This certification validates the meter’s quality, … Read More

Accuenergy Designs Multi-Circuit Submeter Snap On CT

Accuenergy unveils the AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Power Meter for high-density metering applications along with its innovative SnapOn CT approach to simplify the current transformer-to-meter installation process and is now available for orders. … Read More

Energy Meter Boost Construction Sector’s Energy Efficiency

Building and construction sector represent 36 percent of worldwide final energy use and 39 percent of the process related CO₂ emissions in 2018^1. These numbers have just increased since the 2017 report by 6% and 10% … Read More

AcuRev 1310 Power & Energy Meter Receives BTL Certification

Accuenergy is excited to announce that the AcuRev 1310 Series Power & Energy Meters has received its BTL certification under the BACnet Smart Sensor (B-SS) device profile tested by BACnet International. AcuRev 1310 DIN Rail meter … Read More