Product Release

Attune Announces Partnership with Accuenergy Power Monitoring Kit

As the need for healthy, energy-efficient buildings grows, a plug-and-play wireless energy monitoring kit will help optimize energy and validate the effectiveness of energy conservation initiatives. … Read More

AcuCT C CT Converter Banner

AcuCT C Measurement Canada Approved CT Converters

Accuenergy is proud to announce the AcuCT C has been issued Measurement Canada approval (Reference No. AE-2615) for device model – Instrument Transformer: Current by the Minister of Industry. … Read More

AcuCloud EMS Cloud-Based Platform Announcement

Accuenergy (Canada) Inc., a leading global innovator of energy measurement instruments and software, has announced that a significant update to its cloud-based AcuCloud Energy Management Software will be released in December 2021. … Read More

RIK 1AR Protection Relay Integrator Released

Engineered specifically for use with protection relays in electrical power systems, Accuenergy reveals the RIK-1AR Rogowski Integrator is now available to order. Whereas most protection relays rely on inconvenient or heavy rigid-body current sensors … Read More

Accuenergy Designs Multi-Circuit Submeter Snap On CT

Accuenergy unveils the AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Power Meter for high-density metering applications along with its innovative SnapOn CT approach to simplify the current transformer-to-meter installation process and is now available for orders. … Read More

Energy Meter Boost Construction Sector’s Energy Efficiency

Building and construction sector represent 36 percent of worldwide final energy use and 39 percent of the process related CO₂ emissions in 2018^1. These numbers have just increased since the 2017 report by 6% and 10% … Read More

AXM-WEB2 Fiber Optics LC Released by Accuenergy

AXM-WEB2 Fiber Optics LC Released by Accuenergy

Accuenergy, a trusted leader in the design and manufacture of industrial power meters and communication devices, has announced the addition of AXM-WEB2 FOLC for the Acuvim II power meter family. AXM-WEB2 FOLC advances … Read More

AcuLink 810 Data Acquisition System Released by Accuenergy

Accuenergy has announced the all-new AcuLink 810, the most comprehensive data acquisition system to collect and access metering data such as water, gas, and electricity. The latest 810 model provides new key features and other improvements over its predecessor to meet the challenges faced in the energy industry today. … Read More

Accuenergy Releases AcuCloud

Facility Energy Metering Platform. Enjoy our exciting new metering data platform for absolutely free. View any building’s real-time energy consumption and generation or utilize the stored data to analyze potential issues or energy saving opportunities. Further more download and compare the data … Read More

Accuenergy Releases AXM-WIFI Communication Module

AXM-WIFI Communication Module provides a wifi and an ethernet connection to the Acuvim II Series power meter via Modbus-TCP/IP, HTTP Post, HTTPS Post, FTP, SMTP for e-mail and SNTP time synchronization. … Read More