Accuenergy Unveils the Future of Energy Management Software with a Revamped AcuCloud

Toronto, ON, Dec 08, 2021 - : Accuenergy (Canada) Inc., a leading global innovator of energy measurement instruments and software, has announced that a significant update to its cloud-based AcuCloud Energy Management Software will be released in December 2021. Designed to be a complete facility metering platform, AcuCloud aggregates metered energy data from any web-enabled energy meter and provides a sophisticated suite of features to analyze and understand facility data better.

The updates to AcuCloud are based on five years’ worth of customer feedback and will be appreciated by long-time subscribers and new users alike. With an intuitive interface and smart, effective tools for data analysis, the new AcuCloud tools include predictive learning, measurement and verification reporting based on IPMVP, and additional dashboard widgets for advanced platform customization.

New to AcuCloud is the introduction of a new subscription structure to allow facility owners and manager to better define their specific business requirements. Our intent is to provision energy management accessibility on a global level to accommodate users who rely on basic monitoring, while robust enough to scale up energy metering operations to provide a truly comprehensive experience for enterprise users who require in-depth analysis and unlimited data storage to meet their energy policy and ESG targets.

These new functions join AcuCloud’s already robust feature set that includes enhanced tenant billing, metered data collection, and report analysis. Each tool has been developed with the goal of providing users with new insights into their energy data to help improve energy efficiency in any type of facility including commercial, industrial, high-density residential, and more.

When we first released AcuCloud over five years ago, our purpose was to provide clients with a simple way to remotely access their energy data. Over time, the platform has continued to evolve to include additional features, better reporting, numerous analysis tools, and so much more," says Howard Wang, Director of Business Development at Accuenergy. "Our customers indicated that they needed better ways to track their measurement and verification projects and have even more information at their fingertips. The new AcuCloud is a culmination of many years of customer feedback. No matter the tier, our objective is to provide the very best customer experience in the metering industry, and we know the new AcuCloud supports that goal.

AcuCloud’s robust features make it easy to analyze, share, and understand a facility’s energy consumption while providing simple, remote access to view data from any Internet connected device, such as a computer or mobile phone. The platform’s essential features include:

  • Data Sharing + Integration: Forward all metered data to 3rd party software using multiple formats
  • Data Storage + History: Access energy data in unparalleled detail
  • Powerful Data Analysis: Simple, yet powerful data analytics tools for actionable insights
  • Convenient Alerts: Configure email alerts that are automatically triggered by an event
  • Flexible Reporting: Powerful data sharing tools for easy project collaboration
  • Tariff Analytics: Quickly see an overview of time-of-use consumption patterns

About Accuenergy

Accuenergy was formed in 1998 with the vision that energy information is the cornerstone to making the best energy decisions. As a trusted global manufacturer specialized in advanced energy measurement and communication technologies, our instruments are built to meter, process, and deliver reliable energy data to any software or server. We take an innovative approach to ensure our cost-effective solutions exceed quality and performance standards. Accuenergy has developed a growing global footprint with offices in Toronto, Pretoria, Los Angeles, and Beijing.

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