AXM-WEB2 Fiber Optics LC Released by Accuenergy

AXM-WEB2 Fiber Optics LC Released by Accuenergy

Toronto, ON, May 03, 2020 - Accuenergy, a trusted leader in the design and manufacture of industrial power meters and communication devices, has announced the addition of AXM-WEB2 FOLC for the Acuvim II power meter family.

AXM-WEB2 FOLC advances the line of communication modules to support fiber optics LC for the Acuvim II series. The adoption of fiber optics is fast becoming a reality in the industrial automation & control environments due to its top speed performance, bandwidth capacity, reliability, safety and security foundations.

Configuration and readings can be established through its built-in web interface accessible through any HTTP web browser on any device. This gives operation supervisors more flexibility and control over each segment of their system.

AXM-WEB2 FOLC Communication ModuleAccuenergy is moving fast to provide the latest product solutions that exceed the quality standard for high-tech organizations advancing in the industrial market space. Operation and information technology are becoming more integrated and acknowledge the changing landscape. Established and modern companies are keen to future-proof their systems with the latest technology standard.

AXM-WEB2 FOLC is built around fiber optics LC and supports 1310 nm wavelength signals through 62.5/125 μm or 50/125 μm multimode fiber. FOLC also supports an Ethernet port and WiFi channel offering. It supports a wide range of application protocols including Modbus-TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP, sFTP, BACnet-IP, DNP3 v3, SNMP v3, IEC61850 2nd edition, SMTP and NTP time synchronization.

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Since 1998, Accuenergy has been a global leader in designing and manufacturing power & energy meters, sensor and communication technology for the industrial and commercial industry.

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