RIK 1AR Protection Relay Integrator Released by Accuenergy

Toronto, ON, Oct 28, 2021 - : Engineered specifically for use with protection relays in electrical power systems, Accuenergy reveals the RIK-1AR Rogowski Integrator is now available to order. Whereas most protection relays rely on inconvenient or heavy rigid-body current sensors, the RIK-1AR allows protection relay equipment to take advantage of flexible, lightweight Rogowski coils for faster installation around large or irregularly shaped conductors.

The RIK-1AR is the newest addition to Accuenergy’s line of Rogowski Integrator Kits (“RIK”) which are specifically intended to bring the convenience of Rogowski coil sensors to 3rd party devices that cannot normally interface with the unique output of the rope-like current sensors. In addition to flexibility, the RIK-1AR allows protection relays to leverage other Rogowski coils advantages including high immunity to electromagnetic interference and no saturation point.

Designed for substations or other industrial systems that require protection relays, the RIK-1AR is UL Listed and has been tested to meet strict, worldwide compliance standards. In addition, it meets protection class 5P20 (IEC 61869-2) requirements and can be field configured for a variety of current ranges.

We learned from customers that installing rigid-style current sensors in protective relay applications could be extremely challenging," says Howard Wang, Director of Business Development at Accuenergy. "The RIK-1AR solves this by pairing convenient Rogowski sensors with a customer’s existing protective relay hardware. The Rogowski sensors are not only flexible but are large enough to accommodate any size conductor.

RIK-1AR Features:

  • Easy-to-install, plug-and-play integrator used with any protection relay, energy meter, or device with a 1A nominal current input
  • Protection Class: 5P20 (IEC 61869-2)
  • Wide current sensing range from 0.25A to 100,000A for broad compatibility
  • Field-configurable CT ratios: 50A, 200A, 500A, 2000A, and 5000A
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency systems
  • Paired with a single rope-style Rogowski current sensor to easily fit tight spaces and weighs 95% less than traditional relay class CTs (sold separately)

About Accuenergy

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