AcuLink 810 Data Acquisition System Released by Accuenergy

Toronto, ON, May 03, 2019 - Accuenergy has announced the all-new AcuLink 810, the most comprehensive data acquisition system to collect and access metering data such as water, gas, and electricity. The latest 810 model provides new key features and other improvements over its predecessor to meet the challenges faced in the energy industry today.

With the advance in energy measurement technology in the digital age, energy supervisors are presented with new challenges to gather and access metering data from multiple location points faster, reliably and effectively.

Accuenergy AcuLink 810 provides the essential bridge between field controllers and remote servers.

As the industry move towards greater digitalization and accessibility of energy data. AcuLink 810 has been engineered to ensure it meets industrial specific requirements while staying ahead in several key segments.

Faster and More Scalable Data Collection

The AcuLink 810 now offers more user-defined options for polling downstream devices with selectable interval logging between 1 to 1,440 minutes. The 810 now boost 8GB onboard memory to seamlessly log and time-stamp up to 64 connected Modbus-RTU input devices ( via RS485 and expandable USB ports) before it is posted to a remote server.

More Secure and Reliable Connections

Easily access, monitor and manage all connected devices from a central web interface with enhanced cybersecurity protection. AcuLink 810 is SSL/TLS1.2 compliant providing a secure network connection from man-in-the-middle attacks. Confidently get summary details, set up alarms and manage other configurations – no additional software needed.

Recognizing the need for faster deployment the AcuLink 810 adds dual RJ45 Ethernet ports and WiFi to greatly increase network availability. The built-in WiFi simplifies installation requirements and setup to effectively reduce installation time and cost.

Seamless Integration with Any Software System or Device

AcuLink 810 is system agnostic - it integrates with any metering device, controller directly and energy management software (EMS) for data analysis.

Improved Resiliency and Form Factor

Now fitted in a slimmer compact design at a depth of 32.2mm (1.27”), it can be tucked away securely on a standard DIN Rail mount without obstructing other devices.

The AcuLink 810 is built to withstand harsh industrial environments with an operational temperature range between -40C to 80C.

About Accuenergy

Since 1998, Accuenergy has been a trusted leader in accurate energy metering solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

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