Acuvim IIW Meter with AXM-WEB2 Achieves IEC 61850 3rd Party Compliance Certification

Accuenergy is proud to announce that the Acuvim IIW meter with AXM-WEB2 communication module has been certified to meet IEC 61850 (Edition 2) by DNV-GL, a 3rd party testing laboratory. This certification validates the meter’s quality, reliability, and seamless integration with other devices deployed within a multi-vendor, substation IEC 61850 ecosystem.

The IEC 61850 standard is Ethernet-based and defines communication protocols for power substation automation systems. The standard has been deployed around the world to support interoperability of intelligent electronic devices, known as IEDs, installed within the system. In addition to defining data storage, the standard also describes device specifications for surge compliance, temperature, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and other characteristics.

Compliance with the standard ensures that installed substation devices work in concert to perform metering, monitoring, automation, and other tasks by efficiently exchanging data within the system. Instead of using spreadsheets or manual data entry to transfer information, files from IEDs are transmitted to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for analysis and trending, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency. IEC 61850 meters, such as the Acuvim IIW meter, automatically send valuable energy metering data to the SCADA system where it can be used to regulate substation equipment or identify critical issues.

The Acuvim IIW meter with AXM-WEB2 is one of the only power meters on the market today certified to meet the IEC 61850 standard, making it an ideal substation IEC 61850 meter. The comprehensive IEC 61850 conformance testing performed at the DNV-GL laboratory followed a rigorous test plan designed to ensure the meter’s interoperability to SCADA systems, RTUs (remote terminal units), and other devices.

Designed to monitor power quality plus over 400 energy parameters with revenue-grade ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 accuracy, the Acuvim II Series power submeters are the ideal tool for power distribution systems, substation metering, or other specialty applications. Certification further ensures straightforward, efficient commissioning of the meter within IEC 61850-compliant systems, making Acuvim II Series meters the superior choice for utilities managing power distribution and other critical systems.

IEC 61850 Certificate Level A1

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