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AcuRev 2020 Web: Support and Learning Materials

  1. How To: Access the AcuRev 2020 WEB at Admin level

    This document will provide a brief overview of accessing the AcuRev 2020-WEB at Admin level. In this level users will be able to read and view meter information as well as configure and control settings on the meter.

  2. How To: Access the AcuRev 2020 WEB through Localhost

    The AcuRev 2020 can be accessed without knowing the IP address of the meter as long as it is in the same Subnet as the computer/device accessing the meter. Accessing the meter through Localhost is advantageous when configuring the meter to obtain its IP address through DHCP and it is not known what the new IP address will be.

  3. How To: Configure Time/Date Settings on AXM-WEB PUSH

    The device clock of the AcuRev 2020 meter can be set through the web interface of the AcuRev 2020-WEB. The SNTP function can be configured to allow the meter to synchronize it’s time with a internet time server at intervals of time.

  4. How To: Connect to the AcuRev 2020 through WiFi

    The following guide will provide an overview on connecting to the web interface of the AcuRev 2020 meter through WiFi.

  5. How To: Add AcuRev 2020 WEB to AcuCloud

    This document will provide users with an overview on how to add a AcuRev 2020 meter to the AcuCloud EMS software and configuring the meter to send its data to the software.

  6. How To: Retrieve Data logs from sFTP Server

    The AcuRev 2020-WEB supports logging data onto its memory. Once enabled the module can log up to a day or month of data. The data can be downloaded as a .csv file using a FTP client. The AcuRev 2020-WEB can log data at intervals of time ranging from 15 sec to 1 month.

  7. How To: How to: Troubleshoot AcuRev 2020 AcuCloud Connection

    There are a couple of areas to check if your meter is not able to post to AcuCloud successfully. Some of the main reasons why include: The time set incorrectly on your device, Incorrect network settings and Having intermittent network connection.