Tenant Billing

AcuCloud Billing provides a tenant billing option that automatically aggregates meter readings and provides professional electronic utility bills to building tenants. The data collection and billing processes are automated, eliminating time-consuming meter reading, data entry, and invoicing.

AcuCloud Billing

Comprehensive tenant billing is critical to ensuring that tenants are contributing fairly to overall utility expenses and is a key component to successful tenant management. Where flat rate billing may be convenient, it does not take into account individual tenant energy consumption or rate structures. The AcuCloud provides a complete tenant billing solution that automatically aggregates meter readings and provides professional-grade utility bills to building tenants. The data collection and billing processes are automated, eliminating time-consuming meter reading, data entry, and invoicing.

Eliminates the need to "walk buildings" to manually collect meter readings

Eliminates human error in data collection & calculation

Compatible with meters from any manufacturer

Consolidates energy consumption data automatically

Generates customized, professional-grade tenant invoices automatically

Displays real-time energy consumption

Reduces labor needed to generate tenant invoices

Automatically Generate Invoices and Send via Email

Eliminate the errors and inconvenience associated with manual data collection and billing. AcuCloud automates the billing process, creating invoices based on custom rate structures and formulas to suit any unique situation. Accurate, timely bills are automatically emailed to tenants.

AcuCloud invoice generation.
AcuCloud validation, estimation, and editing (VEE)

Industry-Standard Validation, Estimation, & Editing (VEE) Functionality

Data loss or disruption can result from network downtime, human error, computer faiIure, or other factors and can lead to data issues that require correction. These issues are even more critical in billing or revenue applications. In case of data interruption, Accuenergy applies a smart algorithm that follows industry best-practice to estimate and validate all energy data. Our methodology ensures that high-quality, accurate information is always available, keeping the tenant billing process on schedule.

Flexible Tenant Billing

Easily adapt to match any unique billing scenario

Simple Energy Consumption

Perfect for residential billing scenarios, calculate simple electrical consumption over a typical billing cycle (such as 30 days) or for custom lengths to accommodate move in or move out schedules. Input a kWh charge based on local utility rates and easily add energy surcharges or other fees to accommodate a range of custom billing requirements.

Flexible tenant billing diagram

Time-of-Use Rate Structures

Many utilities are shifting to a time-of-use, or TOU, rate structure that varies the rate for electricity throughout the day to encourage customers to consume energy when demand is at its lowest. AcuCloud can accommodate detailed time-of-use rates broken down by 30-minute intervals for each day of the week. Quickly customize On Peak, Mid Peak, and Off Peak rates to match the local utility's specifications.

Two-tier access for tenants and property owners

Consumption for Individual Tenant Spaces

Ideal for in situations where individual rooms make up a larger tenant space, such as a student residence hall, track consumption and generate bills for each tenant based on actual monthly electrical consumption. Invoiced amounts can be divided equitably among multiple tenants to suit any specialized arrangement.

Compatible with any power meter

Energy & Water Consumption in Mixed Use Buildings

Mixed-use facilities that combine commercial and residential spaces have unique, multi-layered rate requirements. Easily divide facilities by property type and accurately bill each for actual consumption across multiple utilities. Add delivery charges, taxes, and other fees to a single, straightforward invoice that includes a comprehensive breakdown for all services.

Residential and commercial invoice comparison

Generate Invoices for All Utilities

Beyond electricity, AcuCloud can also be used to bill for water, sewer, gas, or other utilities. Easily calculate charges for single or two tier systems by implementing customizable rates, threshold amounts, taxes, and fees to generate a precise invoice for each tenant. Combine charges for all services into one, professional bill.

Tenant billing invoice

Two-tier Access. One for Tenants and One for Property Manager/Owner

Property managers or owners can create an unlimited number of user profiles within AcuCloud. With two-tier access, profiles can be configured for read-only access or granted full, administrative privileges for unlimited access to all tools and data.

Computer screen icon

Property managers can grant read-only account access for easy viewing of ongoing energy usage, consumption trends, or billing information.

Real-time feedback icon

With real-time feedback, tenants are empowered to make informed energy choices and reduce consumption.

Compare enegy consumption icon

Create community awareness by allowing tenants to compare their energy consumption against the building average.

Two-tier billing
Compatible with any power meter

Compatible with Any Power Meter

In addition to being compatible with all Accuenergy revenue-grade energy meters, AcuCloud can also be used with any other power meter, regardless of manufacturer.

If you already have a power meter installed in your facility, contact us for instructions on how to integrate your meter into the AcuCloud system.

Pricing Plan

AcuCloud meter point plans offer organizations the most versatile options available. Choose any plan combination to suit your installation requirement. Each plans offer an unlimited number of metering points to allow organizations to scale up projects at any time.

STEP 1: Choose an Organizational Tier

The organizational tier will determine the configuration of the dashboard, which analysis and reporting tools are available, and custom branding options.



Default Dashboard provides access to essential data
Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Use basic analytics tools for preliminary energy investigation
Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Reports
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • View reports for facility-wide consumption and meter deployment
    Select AcuCloud LITE Plan
    NEXT STEP: Add A Metering Point Option
    AcuCloud LITE Plan Selected



    The customizable dashboard provides quick access to essential data and a wide range of metrics
    Analyze energy & real-time metered data. Access all analytics tools for in-depth energy investigation
    Analytics Tools
  • Energy Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Annotations
  • Use the complete suite of advanced reporting tools
    Customize the AcuCloud experience by adding brand logos and colours
  • Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Top Consuming Meter Points
  • Meter Point Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Meter Point Operations Analyzer
  • Meter Point Active Power & Weekdays Analysis
  • Select AcuCloud PLUS Plan
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    AcuCloud PLUS Plan Selected