DC Metering for Renewable Systems

DC Circuits

DC circuits are becoming more prevalent with the increase in renewable energy applications and microgrid technology, this growing number of implemented DC circuits means in turn that there is a greater need for DC monitoring.

Monitoring DC circuits is not unlike monitoring AC circuits and systems with much of the technology slowly crossing over. As the focus increases on DC monitoring, DC power meters will continue to expand their functionality with features such as data logging and multiple communication protocols that are common place in AC power metering to enable more dynamic metering solutions and projects.

DC Applications

DC power meters can be found monitoring solar panels and wind turbines, light rail transit, power distribution systems among other applications. Application goals may include directly monitoring the production before conversion or tracking the amount lost in conversion, measuring efficiencies viabilities and tracking performance.

Tracking Performance

In power generating systems such as microgrids and renewable energy production the overall performance and usefulness of a project lay primarily on the production of energy generated which can easily be tracked and recorded with DC meters such as the AcuDC 243 which is able to monitor multiple power and energy parameters and also features data logging capabilities.

Measuring Efficiencies

The AcuDC meters may be used in conjunction with another AC meter such as the Acuvim II series meters to get a full picture of both the AC and DC circuits to correctly analyze the efficiency of converting devices and measure the ROI on efficiency measures. Often in efficiency applications users are able to identify additional opportunities for improvement and further studies.

DC Metering with Accuenergy

AcuDC 240 Meter
Accuenergy AcuDC 240 Series

DC metering and monitoring applications continue to emerge as more renewable energy and microgrid projects are implemented. DC meters such as the AcuDC 243 are able to provide a versatile and accurate solution over a variety of DC projects.