Metering Energy Audits

Tenant buildings

Metering energy audits are typically done by an independent third party to monitor energy efficiencies and best practices in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Typically they require a consultant or specialist with specialized mobile equipment that can be used to test various equipment, and at times are done in-house to ensure the efficiency of electrical devices and controls.

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Submetering Application Details

Metering energy audits can be used like spot checks allowing property owners or building operators an in-depth snapshot of their energy consumption, device efficiencies, or a brief look at power quality measurements. The type and format of the energy audit will largely depend on the projects target goals, these goals will shape choices into whether the report is done in-house, or by an independent third party, whether it is energy consumption or more advanced practices and parameters being monitored, and the overall duration of the study will depend largely on the intended granularity and depth of results needed to arrive at the projects fundamental goals.

Implementation Details

The majority of energy audits can be accomplished in using a versatile power and energy meter that is portable enough to be moved from location to location, and versatile enough to cover a wide range of parameters and account for a variety of different systems.

Types of Metering Energy Audits


The average energy assessment will monitor for losses of power and inefficiencies, while monitoring the overall consumption and attempt to accommodate for outside forces such as weather and building design.

LEED or Measurement & Verification Tests
LEED Certification

These may be permanently installed fixtures as a staple of continuous improvement, typically these will be integrated with additional systems in order to generate reports or draw conclusions as to potential behavioural and organizational changes.

Cost Allocation

In these metering audits a third party may use their device to find inefficiencies in existing equipment and compare this with suggested upgrades to generate a viable solution and reduction to operational spending.

Device Protection and Diagnostics

These can be done with an advanced power quality measuring device in which the equipment can be effectively monitored over a period of time to determine the effects of a new workspace, unbalanced loads or start-up effects.

Many other metering audits may be performed with varying goals or methods in attempts to gain a more knowledgeable opinion and thus better informed decision on its electrical devices or energy consumers. Utilizing Acuvim II meters along with the AcuPanel and Rogowski coils enables a versatile, efficient, portable and accurate solution that enables its users a brief yet in-depth snapshot of the energy and power consumption, efficiencies and related costs of electrical equipment.