Tenant Submetering

Tenant Submetering

Energy Meter Application

Tenant submetering buildings.

Tenant submetering implements an accountability for energy consumption and provides a fair and equitable solution for utility billing with multiple tenants. Sub metering is a relatively simple application that allows property owners to take control of their energy bills and record energy usage of each individual tenant’s consumption. Sub-Metering for billing is an excellent way to manage electricity costs by accurately billing individual tenants. Revenue grade power meters are made especially for this function – some for basic kWh billing while and others offers more detailed data logging such as power quality, demand and more.

Sub metering allows for the fair allocation of energy costs wherein each tenant can pay in proportion to their actual usage. With the correct allocation, tenants are more satisfied and also more likely to reduce their overall energy use. This translate to more cost savings for the property owner while extending the lifespan of their power supply equipments. The residual effects of adding sub-meters to properties have also been proven to increase property value and attract more qualified tenants.

Submetering Application Details

Complete installation of these devices can take up to 8 hours and can require multiple sourced items (such as terminal blocks, fuses, and extra wires) adding even more time and cost to the installation. To avoid this, property owners/managers can take advantage of the AcuPanel 9100 series which offers a plug n’ play solution in which the Acuvim II or Acuvim L series power meter can be pre-wired and pre-configured according to your needs before being shipped to your door steps.

The AcuPanel is available in two variants: (1) As a heavy duty steel NEMA 4 enclosure or (2) as a weather-resistant NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure. Inside the AcuPanel, all the components are color-coded and clearly labeled in order to minimize effort, time and cost of implementation.

Implementation Details

Below are our most popular models for submetering, offering varied degrees of complexity and flexibility to meet all your project's goals. Each are capable of being integrated with the AcuPanel 9100 series pre-wired panels.

Acuvim KL Economy submeter
Acuvim KL - Renewable Energy DC Monitor

This economical energy meter is able to monitor the accumulated energy consumption logs. It comes with a password-protected settings page that prevents tenants or third parties from resetting the energy usage. The energy readings can be taken intermittently directly from the meter and will continue to accumulate until you hit reset.

Acuvim II Series for Advanced AC Monitoring in vehicle charging stations
Acuvim IIR - Revenue Grade Power Meter

The Acuvim IIR matches the Acuvim II’s versatility with the added ability of internal data logging. Internal data logging allows users to store power and energy information on the meter itself and retrieve the historical data at a later more convenient date. The meter will still work with the AXM-NET model for remote monitoring while the internal data logging adds more versatility as historical data can still be retrieved without permanent internet connectivity.

Acuvim II Series for Advanced AC Monitoring in vehicle charging stations
Acuvim II - Revenue Grade Power Meter

This versatile meter can be configured to work with Rogowski coils (three or single phase integration) for additional ease of installation. Acuvim II - Revenue Grade Power Meter is also compatible with the AXM-NET Ethernet module enabling remote monitoring. With remote monitoring, property owners are not required to do on-site visits to tenants as data records are stored on computer - and both owner and tenants can keep up to date with usage via a web page.

Application Summary

Submetering is an effective way for property owners to take control of their energy costs and correctly allocate utility billing between tenants. This equitable distribution typically sees overall energy usage decrease and rewards tenants for conservation. The application is typically a simple process that can be accomplished using any of the Accuenergy II & L series power meters. This setup is especially efficient and economical when paired with a pre-wired and pre-configured panel to create an all in one plug n’ play solution.