Bin Ghalib Success Story


Gas Service Station Metering Success Story

High-Precision Metering Central to Success

Smart Metering Key to Company-Wide Energy Savings

The Emirates National Oil Company's network of service stations are at the forefront of its company-wide effort to slash energy consumption and become an environmental leader in the energy industry. In this story, learn how Accuenergy submeters turned collected kWh and power quality data into substantial energy savings and why they became the meter of choice in ENOC stations throughout the UAE.

What’s Inside

  • Tracking energy targets to meet ISO50001 requirements
  • Pinpointing equipment failures to keep stations at peak performance
  • Eliminating on-site data collection & improving data extraction times by 5X

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The Acuvim-IIR combines accurate, fast data collection with other, premium features. Besides kWh, the meter collects valuable power quality information.

- Rishi Trivedi, Head of the BMS & Energy Department, Bin Ghalib Engineering

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Data driven energy decisions are powered by Accuenergy submeters.