Campus Submetering Case Study

Energy Management Helps Husson University Reduce Costs

Huson University Case Study

Campus-Wide Submetering Saves Energy & Keeps Tuition Low

As the cost of energy skyrockets, universities are discovering that submetering is key to significant energy reduction and managing tuition costs for students. From strategic building upgrades to tracking efficiency gains, learn how Husson University shifted from estimating energy consumption to harnessing cloud-based energy management and a network of submeters to shine a light on energy consumption across their campus.

What’s Inside

  • Tracking detailed efficiency gains and connecting them to ROI
  • Calculating Energy Use Intensity (EUI) to maximize upgrades
  • Accelerate savings by engaging students and staff
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Getting the most value from our campus improvements not only helps reduce expenses, it helps demonstrate to our donors that we are serving as good stewards of their generous contributions to our non-profit University.

- Tom Fick, Project Engineer, Husson Auxiliary Services