Smart Energy Storage Success Story

Stem, Inc. Perennial Partnership with Accuenergy Continues to Pioneer the Smart Energy Storage Market

Stem success story

Pairing Smart Energy Storage with the Right Metering Solution

America’s power grid is changing, and companies facing disruptive power outages are taking control by installing battery energy storage systems to overcome blackouts, cut demand, and save money. In this story, learn how revenue grade Accuenergy meters are essential to Stem’s successful energy storage technology and its capability to deliver resilient, clean energy to organizations across the country.

What’s Inside

  • Creating a demand reduction strategy based on high precision energy data
  • Integrating real-time energy tracking in battery energy storage systems
  • Unlocking financial incentives through revenue-grade metering
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As Stem has experienced growth, Accuenergy was right there with us when we streamlined and chose the Acuvim IIR as our preferred revenue-grade meter.

- Kenny Ho, Senior Manager of New Product Integration, Stem, Inc.