TD Energy Case Study


Supermarket Submetering Case Study

Large Retail Company Uses Sophisticated Submetering to Save $6.24M in Energy Costs

Sharp Decline in Energy Use Connected to Enhanced Energy Metering

As energy prices rise, companies around the world are installing submeters to gain control of their monthly energy bills. Collecting data may be the first step, but active energy management is what drives a smart, evidence-based reduction strategy. Learn how Accuenergy meters play a crucial role in TD Energy's comprehensive energy management system to illuminate energy saving opportunities and fine-tune existing systems.

What’s Inside

  • Making strategic operational adjustments to reduce high consumption
  • Harnessing optimization strategies to maximize efficiency
  • Propelling energy conservation through automatic energy reporting

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We have worked with other brands of meters… But when we found your [Accuenergy] meters, they fit our business model and that’s important.

- Jaime Ancira, Operations Management, TD Energy

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Learn how Accuenergy delivers operational cost savings that go beyond expectations.