AcuBilling offers utility billing solutions via Cloud services
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Utility Billing Management Solution
AcuBilling Billing Software

Simply generate professional bills for building tenants based on accurate and automatic metering data of kilowatt-hour energy usage. Designed for facility management and billing service companies.

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  • Eliminates the need to "walk buildings" in order to manually collect and consolidate meter readings.
  • Automatically consolidate energy consumption data.
  • Reduce man-hours needed to generate tenant billing.
  • Eliminate human error in data collection and calculation.
  • Automatically generate bills and invoices.
  • Receive tenant payments with automatic billing and payment systems.
  • Centralize billing activities and streamline invoice processes in one system.
  • Visualize real-time energy consumption data.
  • Compatible with all meter models from any manufacturer.

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AcuBilling Features

AcuBilling tenant billing software has robust features to facilitate energy billing management.

Individual Tenant Billing Management by AcuBilling

Tenant Billing Management

  • Manage individual tenant bill with different billing
  • Process different billing structures
  • Generate bill for virtual meters that are grouped from multiple submeters for internal rebilling or cost allocations
  • AcuBilling creates bills based on customizable rate structure and formulas.

Individual Tenant Billing Management by AcuBilling

Monitor Tenant Kilowatt-Hour Profiles

  • Profiling the energy usage for each tenant and group
  • Provide tenants with accounts to view real-time energy consumption and historical energy consumption trends and profiles
  • Increase awareness with tenant consumption profiles and compare against building average

AcuBilling is Universally Comaptible with any metering system including Accuenergy Meters

Third-Party Power Meter Compatibility

AcuBilling is best integrated with Accuenergy revenue grade energy meters to collect kWh consumption data, however it can also be used with any pre-existing power meter in the building regardless of manufacturer.

If you have third-party energy meters already installed, contact us to find out how to configure the AcuBilling system with your existing power meters.

AcuBilling Cases

AcuBilling tenant billing software offers a number of typical billing structures for your metering needs.

Case 77032 - Residential Electricity (Simple)

A simple residential electricity charge formula

AcuBilling Residential Electricity (Simple)
AcuBilling Residential Electricity (Simple)

Case 77030 - Residential Electricity (Time of Use)

Residential electricity charge On Peak/Mid Peak/Off Peak Charge Formula

AcuBilling Residential Electricity
AcuBilling Residential Electricity

Case 77033 - Residential Water (2-Tier)

Residential electricity charge On Peak/Mid Peak/Off Peak Charge Formula

AcuBilling Residential Water (2-Tier) Metering
AcuBilling Residential Water (2-Tier) Metering

Case 77034 - Student Residence

Multiple rooms shared FIXED ratio (i.e. by room space) of electricity usage

AcuBilling Student Residence Metering
Total1652.30 kWhPercentage$231.29Percentage
Unit 101660.81 kWh40%$92.5140%
Unit 102495.61 kWh30%$69.3930%
Unit 103495.61 kWh30%$69.3930%
AcuBilling Student Residence Metering

Case 77035 - Commercial Allocation

Multiple rooms shared DYNAMIC ratio (i.e. by actual monthly electricity usage)

AcuBilling Commercial Allocation Metering
Total5103.90 kWhPercentage$1598.26Percentage
Unit 1012607.45 kWh51%$808.1351%
Unit 1021478.50 kWh29%$458.2329%
Unit 1031017.95 kWh20%$331.9220%
AcuBilling Commercial Allocation Metering

Case 77036 - Complex Building

Commercial/Residential mixed multi-layered specification billing

AcuBilling Complex Building Metering
Unit Type

Electricity Charge

Water Charge

Account-Specified Charge Amount

Residential Unit (PH)

Ontario 2-Tier

Water Rate Group 2


Residential Unit

Ontario 2-Tier

Water Rate Group 1


Residential Unit

Ontario 2-Tier

Water Rate Group 1


Commercial Unit

Simple Electricity

Water Rate Group 1

Setup Fee = $200.00 (For Unit 001, 003, 004)
Admin Fee = $100.00 (For Unit 001, 002)
Admin Fee =   $25.00 (For Unit 003, 004)

AcuBilling Complex Building Metering

AcuBilling - More Data, More Intelligence

Meter Data Management

Robust and reliable meter data application that automatically collects metering data from your local smart meters, allows users to conduct data validation, estimation and edit (VEE).

AcuBilling - Meter Data Management

Utility Billing Solution

Our submetering and billing platform allows users to generate utility bills in a few clicks based on the collected smart meter data, it is for meter providers, billing companies, property managers and developers.

AcuBilling - Meter Data Management

Energy Conservation

Free and effective energy conservation recommendations based on your energy consumption pattern to help you reduce energy usage with minimum impacts to your lifestyle.

AcuBilling - Energy Conservation