AcuDC 240 DC Power and Energy Submeter
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DC Power and Energy Meter
AcuDC 240 Series

Specialty DC energy meter for monitoring solar PV energy generation, wind turbine power generation, transport systems, cell towers, power distribution in data centers, IT networks and other DC applications.

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  • Backlight on-board LCD display
  • Optional MODBUS RTU communications
  • Optional digital and analog I/O
  • Optional relay output
  • Optional data logging
  • Get optional alarm notification
  • Standard DIN size for easy installation

The AcuDC 240 Series DC Voltage and Current meters

AcuDC 240 Overview

The AcuDC 240 series energy meter for DC applications includes renewable energy generation.

The AcuDC 240 Series is a line of DC power meters that measures the voltage, current, power and energy parameters. They are used for monitoring and controlling energy flow in DC systems.

Readings are displayed on the brilliant 3 line black backlight LCD display. All AcuDC models offer integration with external systems using MODBUS RTU protocol and an on-board RS485 serial communication port.

Optional analog, digital, relay and alarm output is available via field-swappable plug-in communications modules.

The line has been field-tested for accuracy, versatility, durability.

AcuDC Models

The AcuDC 240 series DC power meter is available in a number of configurations.

 AcuDC 241
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ApplicationMeter Integration & Monitoring of DC Voltage
Metering ParametersVoltage
I/O Modules Available
Data Logging 
Communication ProtocolOptional Built-In Modbus RTU
AcuDC 242
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Meter Integration & Monitoring of DC Current
Optional Built-In Modbus RTU
AcuDC 243
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All DC Monitoring & Metering Applications
Voltage, Current, Power,
Energy, Ampere-Hour
Optional Built-In Modbus RTU

AcuDC Features

Available across all AcuDC DC energy meters.

Three-line large digit black backlit display

Three-line large digit black backlit display

Built-in power supply

Built-in power supply

Built-in RS485 with MODBUS RTU

Built-in RS485 with MODBUS RTU

Optional field-swappable analog, digital, relay and alarm modules

Optional field-swappable modules

Digital/Analog IO

Optional Digital/Analog I/O and Relay Communication Module Available

Digital Input (DI)
Analog Output (AO)
Relay Output (RO)
Digital Output (DO)
Hall Effect Sensor Power Supply

AcuDC 240 Series DIN Rail Mounting Adapter

AcuDC 240 Series DIN Rails adapter provide easy installation of panel-mount AcuDC 240 series meter on DIN rail in all models and IO options.

AcuDC 240 Series DIN Rail Mounting Adapter

AcuDC Applications & Industries

The AcuDC 240 series DC power meter has been specially engineered for these applications and industries.


  • DC energy meter & metering
    On-site metering of DC consumption and generation of different DC electrical systems
  • DC transducer
    Locally installed transducer reads power, energy, voltage, current and amp hour data and outputs digital pulse and/or analog signals
  • DC data logger / data logging
    Locally installed meter reads, records and stores power, energy, voltage, current and amp hour data for subsequent download, reporting and analysis


  • Renewable energy & green systems
    DC generation by solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays, wind turbines, inverter & battery monitoring, DC consumption of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
  • Transportation systems
    DC consumption of rail / railway, subway and trains and transit systems and related DC equipment
  • Telecommunications
    DC consumption on cell / cellular towers and equipment
  • Data centers
    DC consumption of data centers and equipment

AcuDC 240 Applications

The AcuDC 240 is specially designed for these applications.