AcuPanel 9100 Series Power Metering Solutions

Pre-Wired Power and Energy Meter PanelAcuPanel 9100 Series

Pre-installed, pre-wired and pre-configured power meter are tested for quality before shipment. The pre-configured panel comes ready to use in a durable and watertight NEMA 4 panel which provides the added convenience and reliability over traditional end-user installations.

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  • Factory pre-wired for fast, reliable install
  • Factory pre-configuration eliminates meter programming on-site
  • Required accessory components all pre-installed
  • Self-powered panel does not require separate power supply
  • Durable enclosures provide high tolerance for external force with well protection


AcuPanel 9100 Series Power Metering Solutions

AcuPanel 9100 Overview

Engineered for a simplified install, ensuring faster, more reliable deployment.

AcuPanel 9100-series panel metering solutions from Accuenergy are turn-key plug-and-play metering panels that contain an Acuvim Series power meter of your choice pre-wired, pre-installed and pre-configured in your choice of NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X rated panel and are shipped with your choice of high quality current transformer.

includes the fitting of the meter into the panel, all pre-wiring with clearly labelled color-coded terminal blocks and grounding.

the solution includes all the recommended and essential accessories like fused voltage inputs and shorting blocks for CTs.

meter will ship pre-configured to work with your exact electrical configuration with voltage, current, phases, frequency, network/communications settings (where applicable) already setup.

AcuPanel Models

The AcuPanel series is available in a number of configurations.

AcuPanel 9104
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ApplicationIndustrial Strength Indoor Plug N' Play Retrofit Installation
4 Rated Industrial steel panel
Suitable for Indoor Use
Suitable for Outdoor Use 
Dimensions (in) 10 x 13.52 x 8.68
Dimensions (mm)254 x 324 x 220.5
AcuPanel 9104X
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Weather-Resistant Plug N' Play Retrofit Installation
4X rated polycarbonate panel
7.88 x 11.81 x 7.34
200 x 300 x 186.5


Available across all Acuvim II meters.

AcuPanel Clean Factory Wiring

Clean Factory Wiring

Tight, reliable and tested factory installed connections and components provide for a more reliable error-free install

AcuPanel - Components Included

Components Included

Shorting blocks for CTs and fused terminal blocks for voltage connections pre-installed, color-coded and labelled

AcuPanel - Pre-Cut Enclosure

Pre-Cut Enclosure

Two pluggable pre-cut holes allow wires to be fed through the panel without any modification

Current Transformers

Your high accuracy meter deserves the highest accuracy CTs.

AcuCT Premium Current Transformers

Current Transformers

Our premium CTs are available in press-open split core and flexible Rogowski coil styles. These CTs offer the highest accuracy and convenience of installation.

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AcuCT Standard Current Transformers

Current Transformers

Our standard CTs are available in split core and hinged styles. These CTs feature high-quality design at an economical price.

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