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Set up Port Forwarding on Accuenergy Meters

Forwarding the ports on the meter to public will allow for remote meter access when the device accessing the meter is on a different network. On the Acuvim II series power meter and AcuRev 2000 series power meter with Ethernet option there are two ports that can be forwarded for public access; Modbus and HTTP Port.


Router Access: must be able to log into router's web interface to set up port forwarding rule (user name/password for router needed)

    • Router must support port forwarding function

External IP address of router: assigned by the Internet Service Provider(ISP). This is the IP address the meter will be accessed at once the port forwarding rule has been configured.

IP address, Modbus Port, HTTP Port: The meter's IP address, Modbus and HTTP port need to be known in order to forward to public.

Default settings: IP Address: Modbus Port: 502 HTTP Port: 80


Every router web interface will appear differently. Consult the router's documentation for instructions on how to configure the port forwarding rule.

To access the meter's web interface publicly, the HTTP Port of the meter needs to be forwarded.

To access the AcuView or Utility Software, the Modbus Port of the meter needs to be forwarded.

Once the port forwarding rule(s) have been configured, you may access the meter using the external IP address.

Generally, the following needs to be performed:

  • Give a name to the application. I.E. Acuvim II
  • Enter the IP address that is configured in the meter.
  • Incoming port from the meter that is to forwarded.
  • The protocol: TCP or UDP. Choose 'both' if option exists.
  • Port that the requests should be forwarded to.
  • Reboot router