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Troubleshooting AcuCloud Connection

How to Troubleshoot AcuCloud Connection? There are a couple of areas to check if your meter is not able to post to AcuCloud successfully. Some of the main reasons why include:
  • The time set incorrectly on your device
  • Incorrect network settings
  • Having intermittent network connection
Checking the Time From the AXM-WEB2 interface, users can check the top right corner of the webpage to see the device clock. This should be set to the current time in the time zone that the meter is installed in. The meter should not be set to a future time, otherwise, the AcuCloud post will fail. AcuCloud Dashboard The meters Device Clock can be set in the Communication settings from the web interface. Users can set the device clock manually or can enable NTP and have the meters time synced with an NTP server. Ensure that the correct time zone is being selected. If any changes are made on the web page, make sure to save and reboot the communications module so that the new settings can take effect. AcuCloud Communications Setting Network Settings The meter must have the correct network settings to ensure it can be connected successfully to the network. In order for the meter to successfully post data to AcuCloud it must have a sufficient connection to the internet. One way to determine if your meter has the correct settings is to run a connection test from the Network diagnostic page on the web interface. The network diagnostic page can be found by clicking on the settings and selecting the Network Diagnostic tab. From there select the Connection test tab. Click on begin test. The test should pass and comeback as 4/4. If there is a network issue the connection test will fail and users will need to confirm the meters network settings. AcuCloud network
NOTE: If all Network settings are configured correctly and AcuCloud Test Post is still failing, users will
need to check the network firewall to see if it is being blocked.
After confirming the above steps, users should test the AcuCloud function again from the AcuCloud
settings page on the web interface. It should come back as successful.
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