AXM-WEB Firmware Releases

Release date: December 18, 2017

New Features:

Support New Protocol: SNMP V2 and trap.

Prompt user to reboot module after setting change.

Add HTTP access to webpage in addition to HTTPs access only

Release date: November 14, 2017

New Features:

Add following parameters in data post protocols:

  • Four Analog Input channels:
  • Frequency
  • Per phase, even and odd voltage/current Total Harmonics Distortions (THD)

Datalogging frequency can be configured up to 15 seconds. All measurements can be logged every 15 seconds

Data posting protocols include HTTP, HTTPs and FTP post intervals can be configured to up to 15 seconds.

Support sFTP data storage server locally on module. User can access historical datalogs from sFTP server.

Support Proxy server settings – In enterprise or high-security network, proxy server is used for routing web traffic, such as data post or remote access to meter.

Compliance with latest security protocols such as TLS 1.2, AES.

Add Copy Serial Number function in AcuCloud connection page, simplify AcuCloud registration process

Support unlimited Modbus-TCP/IP simultaneous connections

Support System Log- Provide export of system performance log to enable easier investigation after error/bugs/issues occurs. User can download the log and send to Accuenergy support team for quick determination of root cause of most issues.

Release date: November 14, 2017

New Features:

Now user can access meter’s webpage without knowing it’s IP address. By typing in “http://SerialNumber.local” (e.g. http://AM16001122.local) when meter and access device such as computer or smartphone is in same network.

If DHCP is enabled on meter, and directly connect meter with computer, the webpage can be accessed by typing in “http://SerialNumber.local” in browser directly.

Bug fix:

Fix detection of ethernet cable connection status

Release date: June 26, 2017

New Features:

Add phase angle diagram on webpage – User is able to view phase angle diagram and determine wiring issue directly from webpage

Add CT polarity setting to webpage – Reverse CT polarity directly from webpage when there’s installation error on CT direction. This setting eliminates the need to physically reverse the CT polarity and interrupt operation.

Add sequence component diagram on webpage

Support time configuration directly on webpage

Add Clear Post Files function, user can clear the backup datalog files from webpage

Add AcuCloud Facility Energy Metering Platform setup page, enable meter to connect to AcuCloud with simple registration process