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Acuvim II Wiring Diagrams

How to choose the correct wiring configuration?

There are different kinds of wiring configurations that your Acuvim II meter must be configured to depending on the type of system it is. Some key factors include whether the system uses a delta or wye or whether it is single phase or three phase system. In order for the meter to correctly display and measure the values the right wiring configuration must be chosen.

Delta or Wye

Delta and wye systems are used in 3 phase electrical systems where the power flows through three conductors.

Delta systems have three phases connected resembling a triangle. There is no neutral wire in a delta system. Typical delta system voltages are 208V, 480V, 600V line-line.

Wye systems include a neutral wire. Typical wye system voltages are 120V, 277V, 346V, where these voltages are referenced from line to neutral

Acuvim II Typical Wiring Diagrams

Typical wiring with 5A,1A Current Transformers
Typical wiring with 333mV, RCT, mA Current Transformers