AcuRev Multi-Circuit Power and Kilowatt-Hour Submeter
AcuRev 2000 Series - ANSI C12.20 .5 ClassAcuRev 2000 Series - C-UL-US ListedAcuRev 2000 Series - CE5 Year Warranty on Acuvim Energy Meters
Canadian Made Power MetersAcuRev 2000 Series - Built-in Ethernet and WiFi

Multi-Circuit Power and kWh Meter
AcuRev 2000 Series

Multi-circuit power metering system that monitors kilowatt-hour (kWh), power, energy, demand, peak demand and time-of-use (TOU) in high-density applications. Best used for tenant submetering, commercial facilities and branch circuit monitoring where multiple units require monitoring.

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  • 18 channels for 18 single phase or 6 three phase circuits
  • Revenue grade standard ANSI C12.20 class 0.5 and IEC 62053-22 class 0.5s
  • External current transformers for retrofit applications
  • Optional Direct Current input for new installation
  • Built-in MODBUS RTU via RS485 for integration
  • Built-in data logging for historical recording
  • Over/under limit alarms for demand control
  • Support protocols Modbus-TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP & SNTP
  • New FeatureSupport 15-second interval datalogging and data post
  • New FeatureSupport sFTP server built-in for datalogging storage and retrieval
  • New FeatureSupport SNMP V2 and SNMP trap
  • Built-in Ethernet and New FeatureWiFi communication
  • New FeatureSecure and encrypted HTTPs Webserver for meter reading and configuration
  • New FeatureTwo-tier user management system to provide efficient monitoring and access
  • New FeatureOptional free cloud-based metering data storage

The AcuRev Revenue Grade Power and kWh Submeter

AcuRev Overview

Multi-circuit True RMS metering of power & energy parameters.

The AcuRev Series of multi-circuit power & energy meters are revenue-grade digital meters engineered for multi-tenant kWh metering and high-density electrical metering.

AcuRev power meters feature True RMS metering of energy parameters and offer 4 programmable tariff periods with 12 independent seasons, 14 schedules, and 10 year holiday configuration.

AcuRev 2000 series meters can be integrated to any system via wide range of protocols, such as standard RS485 with Modbus-RTU and Modbus-TCP/IP via ethernet. HTTP/HTTPs and FTP data post to cloud server is also supported for cloud software integration.

AcuRev Power Meter Features

The AcuRev 2000 series offers these powerful metering options.

Metering Parameters

  • Energy:

    Active (kWh), reactive (kVAR) and apparent (kVA)

  • Compliance:

    ANSI C 12.20 class 0.5; IEC62053-22 Class 0.5s

  • Real-time RMS Metering:

    Line and phase voltage, current for each circuit

  • Power & Power Factor:

    Active (P), Reactive (Q), Apparent (S), Power Factor

  • Demand & peak demand:

    Power and current demand for each circuits, 0-30 minutes window configurable.

Advanced Network Communications:

AcuRev support wide ranges of protocols available for integration with virtually any systems. Protocols supported includes:

  • Modbus-RTU
  • Modbus-TCP/IP
  • HTTP/HTTPs Post
  • FTP Post
  • SMTP
  • SNTP
  • Webserver
  • sFTP Server
  • SNMP

Free Cloud Data Storage:

Metering data can be stored in free Accuenergy Facility Energy Metering Platform, AcuCloud.

  • Easily access all meters at all facilities with one access
  • Download or Forward data for analysis or reporting
  • Simple data visualization for energy profiling

Power Quality Monitoring

Safeguard against system failures with harmonic analysis and advanced power quality event logging with waveform capture.

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  • Voltage and current THD
  • Individual voltage and current harmonics up to 31st order
  • Voltage crest factor
  • Current K factor
  • Voltage and current unbalance

Wired and Wireless:

Three communication channels are supported simultaneously:

  • Serial RS485

  • Ethernet

  • Wifi

Integrations are simpler with local remote meter access by multiple systems.

Input/Output (I/O)

  • 8 digital input: Pulse sensors for water meter, gas meters, monitoring switch status and other devices.
  • 2 Digital Outputs: Send out pulses on energy data to energy management system for data collection.

Data Logging

Real-time energy metering, power quality and I/O data can be stored in non-volatile onboard memory.

Collects real-time data and keeps a record for facility managers to monitor trends, produce analysis and create reports.

Alarm Notifications

Set logical conditions to manage energy consumption during demand peaks or to give early warning when there are power quality abnormalities.

  • Up to 10 different alarms
  • Automatically shut down any equipment
  • Instant light and buzzer notifications

Multi-Tariff Time-of-Use (TOU)

Segment your peak kilowatt hour (kWh) usage for industrial, commercial & tenant facilities by setting a time-based or tier-based rate structure.

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  • 4 tariffs (sharp, peak, valley, normal)
  • 14 schedules
  • 14 segments
  • Set Weekends and 10 year holiday

AcuRev Power Meter Models

The AcuRev 2000 series kWh Meter is available in a number of configurations.

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Typical ApplicationRetrofit submetering and branch circuit monitoring
Single Phase 1 Hot Circuits Monitored9
Single Phase 2 Hot Circuits Monitored3
Three Phase Circuits Monitored3
Additional Current Transformers RequiredYes
Current MeteringVia 333mV Output Current Transformers or flexible Rope-style Rogowski Coils CTs
Dimensions Including Meter (in)8.15 x 4.15 x 3.06
Dimensions Including Meter (mm)207 x 105.4 x 77.7
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Retrofit branch circuit system monitoring
Via 333mV Output Current Transformers or flexible Rope-style Rogowski Coils CTs
10.39 x 4.15 x 3.06
264 x 105.4 x 77.7
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New distribution panel with up to 80A circuits per phase
20-80A Direct Input
11.54 x 4.15 x 3.06
293 x 105.4 x 77.7
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New distribution panel with up to 80A circuits per phase
20-80A Direct Input
17.56 x 4.15 x 3.06
446 x 105.4 x 77.7

Current Transformers

Get special offers when you add optional split core or flexible CT to your order

Accuenergy AcuCT Series of Premium Current Transformers

Flexible & Split Core Current Transformers

Our premium CTs are available in press-open split core and flexible Rogowski coil styles. These CTs offer the highest accuracy and convenient installation.

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333mV AcuCT Hinged Series Current Transformers

333mV Output
Current Transformers

Compact & light-weight split core current transformer featuring a hinged opening. Designed for ease-of-installation on branch circuits within the electrical panel.

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AcuRev 2000 Applications

The AcuRev 2000 power and energy meter is specially designed for these applications.