Remote Device Access


Using the “remote access” feature included within the AXM-WEB2 enables users to remotely monitor the metered data without port forwarding or requiring a static IP. The remote access feature utilizes a proxy server to allow anyone with the URL view-only access to the meter readings.


The remote access feature is a non-invasive, free, and location independent option that can be set from the administrator portion of the AXM-WEB2 module and generates a dynamic IP address associated with the meter and eliminating common pain points associated with remote access;

No Port Forwarding

Port forwarding can be an onerous process and may in some situations expose the network to security risk; using “Remote Access” the IT department or building owner is no longer required to give access to the main router. The connection is established outbound from the device so there are no changes needed to the router or firewall and users outside the local area network will still be able to access all the meter readings from the generated URL.

No Static IP, No Meter Access Needed

Accessing devices remotely requires correct identification of the device IP address, but in standard DHCP or DNS systems, the IP may automatically update. In order to prevent broken links or missed connections a static IP can be used which typically comes at an additional monthly fee, however when using the AXM-WEB2 proxy server feature “Remote Access” a static URL is created in place of the IP number. The static URL is not fixed to a specific IP address but rather a range of IP addresses allowing the device to update behind the scenes automatically without losing connection to valuable data or interfering with user access.


  • Increased Safety – In many cases system integrators may have previously had to implement a GSM or cell modem to bypass the building or company firewalls to access remote readings but with a static URL from the Remote Access function of AXM-WEB2 this is no longer required
  • Reduced Operational Cost – The remote access function solves issues that previously required static IP and third party networks with a premium monthly surcharge
  • Reliable Remote Access – By enabling a static URL remote access is easy and dependable since the URL does not change the access point is always the same

Enabling the Remote Access Feature

Users of Acuvim II series meters can take advantage of the remote access features by pairing the meter with an AXM-WEB2 module and enabling the “Remote Access” function in the settings of the meter. For a more detailed procedure, the AXM-WEB2 manual covers the specifics or you can contact an Accuenergy engineering or application support member.

AXM-WEB2 Dual Ethernet Module
AXM-WEB2 WiFi & Dual Ethernet Communication Module
Specially designed for fast and reliable data transmission using AXM-WEB2 built-in dual Ethernet ports and WiFi communication channels for the Acuvim II power & energy meter. Supports a wide range of protocols such as Modbus-TCP/IP, sFTP, BACnet-IP, DNP3 V2 and IEC61850 2nd edition.