Product Support

AcuRev 2000: Support and Learning Materials

  1. How To: Install the AcuRev 2000 Multi-Circuit Meter

    This guide will step you through the process of installing and setting up AcuRev Series multi-circuit meters in a number of configurations.

  1. How To: Access AcuRev 2000 Readings via Meter Display

    The AcuRev 2000 is capable of displaying a variety of readings on it’s display, this includes Power, Voltage, Current and more. This guide details how to access each available reading.

  1. AcuRev 2000 Port Forwarding Procedure

    Forwarding the ports of a meter to public allows for remote meter access between different networks.

  1. How To: Configure Utility Software for use with AcuRev 2000

    A detailed guide dedicated to the setup and configuration of Utility software for use with AcuRev 2000 meters in a variety of settings and configurations.

How To: Access the AcuRev 2000 Web Server

This guide will walk users through accessing and configuring the AcuRev 2000 web server for remote metering and monitoring.

  1. AcuRev 2000: Frequently Asked Questions

    Covering some of the most common questions users have when interacting with or installing the AcuRev 2000.

  2. Troubleshoot Serial Connection Issues

    This guide outlines the steps to troubleshoot the serial connection between a computer and Accuenergy power meter in the case communication cannot be established.