The Acuvim L Series Power and Energy kWh Submeters
Acuvim L Series - ANSI C12.20 .5 ClassAcuvim L Series - C-UL Canada and USAAcuvim L Series - CE Europe5 Year Warranty on Acuvim L Energy MetersCanadian Made Power Meters

Power And Energy Panel Meters
Acuvim L Series

This three phase energy meter is ideal for applications that require standard parameters for monitoring and controlling power distribution systems, medium to low voltage systems, industrial automation and commercial facilities. Acuvim L power meters comes with a choice of a built-in communication Modbus RTU, pulse output or none for panel meters.

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  • Six different models for different applications
  • NEMA 4 rated tough and watertight design
  • 3-Line LCD display with backlight
  • Multiple current transformer options
  • Class leading 5 year warranty
  • Built-in MODBUS RTU (some models)
  • Optional digital/analog I/O or PROFIBUS (some models)
  • Optional DIN rail mount transducer (some models)

Acuvim L Models

The Acuvim L series energy & power meters are available in a number of configuration model.

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ApplicationReplace Analog Meters Digital Integration
MODBUS IntegrationMultiple System Integration Time-of-Use & Tariff Metering
Low Cost kWh Submetering
MeteringVoltage (V), Current (Amp), Power (kW)Voltage (V), Current (Amp), Power (kW)Voltage (V), Current (Amp), Power (kW)Voltage (V), Current (Amp), Power (kW)Voltage (V), Current (Amp), Power (kW)Current (Amp), Power (kW)
Energy & Demand
Power Quality
Expansion ModulesDigital Input, Digital Output, ProfibusDigital Input, Digital Output, Profibus
DIN Rail Mount Option

Acuvim L Features

Acuvim L Power and Energy Meters offers customizable features for your application.

Multifunciton meter with NEMA 3 housing and three line LCD display

NEMA 4 industrial grade weathertight enclosure protecting it against rain, snow & dust with a large three line backlit LCD screen.

Communications modules for multiple protocols

Built-in power supply for easier, faster installation

Optional DIN rail mount transducer

DIN rail mount transducer option for system integration*

Optional DIN rail mount transducer

Optional field-swappable analog, digital, relay and alarm modules*

* available on some models, check specs for details

Additional Configurations

Acuvim L Series power and energy meter allows you to customize your order for your project requirements

AcuMesh Wireless RS485 with Acuvim L Power Meters

AcuMesh Wireless RS485 Network

NEW AcuMesh enables you to set up a wireless networking solution for Acuvim L Energy Meters or any other device with a RS485 port.

Data is sent to a cloud-based server for easy energy monitoring on your laptop.

Digital/Analog IO

Integrate input/output communication modules to your power meters to gather data to and from other devices.

Digital Input(DI)Digital Output (DO)RS485 PortProfibus Port
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Split Core Current Transformers

Both economical and premium high-performance split-core CT are avaialble for the Acuvim-L Series.

AcuCT Standard Current Transformers

Split Core Current Transformers

Our standard CT are available in split core and hinged split core form factors. These current transformers feature high-quality design at an economical price.

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Pre-Wired Panel Solutions

We will install, wire and test your power and energy meter for you.

The AcuPanel 9100 Series offers ease of installation.

AcuPanel 9100 Series

For a faster, easier installation, order your Acuvim L series power meter in a watertight NEMA-4 or corrosive resistence NEMA-4X rated panel enclosure which ships to you pre-wired and pre-configured by the factory.

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Acuvim L Energy Meter Applications

The Acuvim L power meter is specially designed for these applications.