Accuenergy Year End 2020 Update

As we wind down the year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the challenges and accomplishments of 2020. There is no doubt that 2020 will long be remembered for its unique difficulties – unforeseen health risks, a pause on travel and trade shows, and the sudden halt to everyday life. As we continue to persevere through this unprecedented time, we would like to extend our warmest thoughts to you and your family for a healthy, safe 2021. We look forward to continuing partnerships and reconnecting with colleagues in the new year.

Accuenergy Continues to Weather the Pandemic

2020 will be memorable for many reasons, not the least of which has been the COVID-19 pandemic and its immediate impact on countless lives. From the start, it was clear that in-person office environments would be disrupted as businesses suddenly closed and employees shifted to remote work. As a provider of equipment crucial to utilities, manufacturing, and defense, Accuenergy was fortunate to be deemed an essential service and has remained open for business during 2020. For the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, we will continue to monitor the situation and make informed choices to maintain the health and safety of employees and customers.

New Accuenergy Office in South Africa

Launched in January 2020, the new Accuenergy South Africa (Pty) Ltd. has brought advanced instrumentation and industry expertise to the African market. The office opened in Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities, and the experienced staff is ready to collaborate with you on your next metering project.

New AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Submeter Launched

Accuenergy continues to drive innovation in the submetering market and is proud to have launched its next-generation multi-circuit submeter, the AcuRev 2100. Featuring SnapOn CT connections, a reimagined terminal slot that allows a CT to plug directly into the meter, the AcuRev 2100 combines industry-leading accuracy, communication options, and power quality features into a single metering device. Influenced by customer feedback and over 20 years of metering experience, Accuenergy is proud to be the leading manufacturer of world-class power meters and is excited to add the AcuRev 2100 to its lineup.

New Functionality Added to AXM-WEB2 Communication Module

Designed to expand the core features of the Acuvim II power meter, the AXM-WEB2 communication module gained exciting, new functionality in 2020. Along with the Acuvim IIW, the AXM-WEB2 was certified to meet IEC 61850 (Ed. 2) by a 3rd party testing laboratory. The certification validates the quality, reliability, and seamless integration with other devices deployed in an IEC 61850 substation ecosystem. In addition, both native support for Ethernet IP protocol and MV90 compatibility were also added to the AXM-WEB2. Combining industry-leading protocol support, multiple communication options, integrated memory and datalogging, the AXM-WEB2 is the ideal enhancement to the Acuvim II power meter.

New Features Added to the AcuLink 810 Data Acquisition Server

The AcuLink 810 is the easiest way to manage, collect, and store data from multiple meters and sensors throughout a facility. In 2020, new features were added to an already robust device including new protocol compatibility, remote access functionality, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) support, and updated logging format. These valuable enhancements ensure the AcuLink 810 can adapt to an even greater range of applications and environments.

AcuRev 2100 Submeterl
AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Power & Energy Meter
Next generation multi-circuit meter designed to measure up to 18 single-phase or 6 three-phase circuits using SnapOn CT technology for easy installations in high-density, multi-point applications. Monitor real-time energy usage & perform power quality analysis in multi-tenant buildings.
AcuLink 810 DAQ
AcuLink 810 Data Acquistion Gateway & Server
The Accuenergy’s AcuLink 810 is a DAQ gateway and server designed to collect meter and sensor data to distribute them to various energy management systems.
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