Application: Panel Metering

Integral to understanding energy consumption in homes, buildings, and facilities. Panel meters offer a variety of features like data logging, time-of-use, power quality and more.

Panel metering is key to understanding energy consumption in homes, buildings, and facilities. This is often undertaken by either metering the whole panel at the source, or by metering individual circuits for more refined results (branch circuit monitoring).

Panel meters offer a wide array of features including data logging, internal memory, time-of-use, power quality and more. Additionally panel meters can also feature a variety of communication options which allow for the collection of data remotely. This offers convenient access to an array of power and energy readings remotely, and the ability to produce detailed reporting.

Accuenergy offers an array of panel metering options, these include single and three-phase instruments, as well as multi-circuit power meters. All of our metering options are capable of communicating through a variety of protocols.

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Panel metering for commercial facilities is imperative in understanding the energy needs of a building and it's occupants. Panel metering provides a wealth of data to building managers and engineers, including kWh usage, power quality, data logging, and time-of-use. Combined with network enabled communications features, panel meters can communicate data remotely to those who need it.


Industrial facilities require accurate and reliable panel metering technology. Not only does effective panel metering provide the data necessary to understand a facilities energy needs, it can also provide building managers and engineers with highly valuable power quality data.

Original Equipment Manufacture

OEM's can take advantage of panel metering technology to incorporate new layers of functionality into their products. Panel meters offer a multitude of functionality including data logging, time-of-use, power quality and more.

Branch Circuit Monitoring directly from the panel for Building Energy Management

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Branch circuit metering or dense circuit metering is a form of monitoring multiple circuits together in close proximity. This allows for the segregation of multiple users, tenants, or devices with the convenience of using a single device while maintaining the integrity of each individuals measurement.


Monitoring DC Circuits Directly at the Panel Source

Monitoring DC Circuits

DC circuits are becoming increasingly common in renewable energy applications and microgrid technology, leading to a greater demand for DC monitoring. DC power meters are ideal solutions for metering solar panels, wind turbines, light rail transit, and much more.


Remotely Meter and Monitor Energy Consumption at the Panel

Remote Metering

Remote metering is possible through a variety of communications options typically found in most power and energy meter options, but is typically achieved through ethernet connection. This remote monitoring offers flexibility in project location, ease-of-access, and improved ability to integrate with other devices and more importantly energy management software.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA - Systems for panel metering

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

SCADA systems are industrial/facility based systems for monitoring and controlling processes in real time. Comprised of PLCs, RTUs, communications networks, HMIs and a database to offer complete building management.



Application - Panel Metering for Industrial, Commercial and DC Applications
Acuvim L Power and Energy Meter for Integrated Panel Metering

Acuvim-L Economical Power & Energy Meter

Designed for standard ANSI or DIN cutouts, offering easy-integration for direct panel mount metering. The Acuvim-L also features a NEMA4 rated display durable enough for tough environments.

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AcuRev 1310 DIN Mounted Multi-Function Meter for Integrated Panel Metering

AcuRev 1310 DIN-Rail 3-Phase Meter

This 3-Phase multi-function power an energy meter offers a form factor that allows quick and simple installation onto DIN-Rails where space may be limited. Ideal for branch circuit monitoring with it's flexible number of metering points.

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EV300 Economy Multi-Function Meter for Integrated Panel Metering

EV300 Economy Multi-Function Metering

The lowest cost panel metering option on the market. Offering up to six switch status monitoring directly from the integrated LCD display. The ideal replacement for analog panel meters.

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