Accuenergy Launches AcuMesh Wireless RS485

We’re excited to announce the new AcuMesh RS485 wireless metering system is now available from Accuenergy. This system is designed to connect a variety of RS485 enabled meters,

sensors, gateways and more wirelessly over an extended distance of up to 4 miles.

The AcuMesh is the ideal solution for installations where enabling communications with RS485 devices would involve costly re-wiring. The AcuMesh allows for easy integration of wireless communications through the implementation of our AcuMesh standalone transceivers, or AXM-Mesh modules where Accuenergy power meters are currently being used.

Applications Include: Retrofit metering in existing buildings, campus metering, commercial building metering, multi-tenant billing and submetering, renewable energy-array string and inverter metering, industrial metering, and data acquisition.

AcuMesh Key Features

  • All devices are connected automatically upon powering up without configuration, no software required
  • Compatible with devices running any protocols via RS485 port, e.g. Modbus-RTU
  • Highly secure communication with 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Advance configuration available for complex network setup with free software
  • Communicate wirelessly between power and energy meters, and any devices with RS485 running any protocol within a building or campus
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Long-range communication: 1000 ft (305m) indoor / 4 Miles (6.5km) outdoor in a single hop
  • “Mesh” network structure allows each transceiver to act as extension points for the network, allowing for a longer range of communication
  • Point to multi-point communication enabled with “mesh” structure
  • Automatic self-healing and optimizing communication pathway with reliable “mesh” network structure
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