Accuenergy Designs Multi-Circuit Meter With Innovative Snap On CT Terminal Connectors

Toronto October 21, 2020 - Accuenergy unveils the AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Power Meter for high-density metering applications along with its innovative SnapOn CT approach to simplify the current transformer-to-meter installation process and is now available for orders.

It expands the current line of multi-channel AcuRev 2000 series meters with improvements to its hardware design, including even more communication interfaces while reducing the spatial footprint by about 40% compared to its predecessor.

In addition, the AcuRev 2100 has been tested to meet rigorous compliance for global markets with certification for UL 2808 and CE. It has also been Measurement Canada approved, which is one of the strictest metering requirements in the world, and meets ANSI C12.2 Class 0.5 and IEC 62053 Class 0.5s accuracy standards, making it ideal for use in critical systems and revenue applications.

The design team at Accuenergy understood the need to support system integrators by providing an even more intuitive and reliable approach to installing meters in facilities to collect energy data for their energy management solution. The AcuRev 2100 is built with special terminal slots that allow a current transformer secondary wire with a SnapOn CT connector head to simply plug into the meter without the need for additional tools. The intent is to improve installation and configuration times while reducing common wiring errors.

We listened to feedback from our customers and realized that one of their pain points was properly connecting the current transformers to the meter,” says Howard Wang, Director of Business Development at Accuenergy. “We’ve reimagined the CT connection in a way that eliminates installation errors and saves time. And we’ve integrated it into one of the most powerful multi-circuit meters on the market today.

AcuRev 2100 Multi-Circuit Meter Features:
  • Measure 18 single-phase or 6 three-phase circuits simultaneously
  • SnapOn CT technology streamlines installation and reduces maintenance times while reducing polarity errors
  • Compact enclosure redesign is now 40% smaller than the AcuRev 2000
  • Built-in WEB2 module to meet all communication protocol needs
    • Remote meter access via
    • Dual Ethernet ports for unparalleled communication and daisy-chain connection
    • Wi-Fi communication module, with IPv6
    • Support all the protocols: Modbus-TCP/IP, BACnet IP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP & NTP, SFTP, SNMPv3, and RSTP
    • Secure and encrypted HTTPS web-server for meter reading and configuration
  • 8GB non-volatile memory for storing metering and power quality data
  • Programming and terminal tamper-proof seal
  • 18 Digital Inputs for water and gas metering
  • 6 Digital Outputs, 2 Relay Outputs
  • Measurement Canada approved revenue-grade (ANSI C12.2 Class 0.5 and IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5s)
  • Optional cloud-based data storage with AcuCloud
About Accuenergy

Since 1998, Accuenergy has been a trusted leader in highly accurate energy metering solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

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